International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day: Become a better Programmer with Mindfulness

In today’s fast paced life, restlessness is the new norm. As international yoga day is here, it is important to understand that individuals, especially those involved in high brain intensive work like coding, often find themselves anxious with a plethora of thoughts combing through their head. With the advent of multitasking and need for immediate gratification, the need to practice mindfulness is also on the rise. Mindfulness seems like a heavy word to understand, and even more difficult to practice. However, it can be a piece of cake, if approached strategically.

For simple understanding, mindfulness is the art of being present at the moment and moving ahead of the past and not over analyzing the future. It is simply the ability to be aware about the current reality focusing on the present. This international yoga day, we shout out to all programmers to adopt mindfulness as a means to sharpen their programming skills. Mindfulness is a habit that is bound to benefit anyone who adopts it. Interestingly, programmers are one of the biggest beneficiaries as theirs is one of the most unstructured and value intensive roles.

Increased Concentration

One of the biggest qualities that all programmers aspire for is the ability to concentrate well and generate maximum productivity. However, with the multiple distractions and the habit of multitasking, stands in the way. If you decide to pick up mindfulness as your resolution for international yoga day, you may actually be able to concentrate better. Mindfulness will help you converge all your focus on the task at hand, without digressing from it. The idea is that  mindfulness helps you pay attention to the current reality and fades up the past and the future in the background, it will definitely be effective in helping you concentrate on the current reality and not be distracted by what you have in hand ahead of time.

Streamline Flow of Thought

It goes without saying that once you are able to focus on the task at hand, you’re able to collect your thoughts better. For programmers, a daily task is about being able to converge thought and the ability to translate them into codes. Start practicing mindfulness on this international yoga day to learn the art of collecting your thoughts together. Once you master the art of thought collection, you will automatically be able to streamline your workflow. This will allow you to work in a more organized manner and take on one task after another seamless. Mindfulness is the best to strategically streamline and organize your work.

Increased Confidence

It is obvious that if you are able to focus better and streamline your thoughts and actions, you will definitely be in a position of more confidence. It is a common fact that individuals who have a better hold onto reality and are able to focus on the present have greater confidence. With a clarity of thought, not juggled up with multiple thoughts at once, individuals practicing mindfulness are more aware of themselves as well. This stands as a true booster of self confidence. Thus, this international yoga day, increase your confidence with mindfulness.

Leave past Anxiety

Finally, programmers often get anxious when faced with writing multiple codes at once. This may lead to major bugs in programming. Mindfulness that prepares you to focus just on the present, at the priority task at hand, is an effective tool to leave anxiety behind. In fact, developers who are mindful have reported escalated levels of calmness in the work they do. They are generally cool as a cucumber and take on every task as a new adventure. They do not get worked up if faced with a minor technical glitch, rather they take it as a positive challenge. Leave behind all your anxieties with mindfulness as your international yoga day resolution.

International Yoga Day: Leap into Mindfulness

While now you do understand what value mindfulness carries for programmers, it is also equally important to learn the art of mindfulness. Mindfulness is not something that you can learn without making an effort. To actually achieve the benefits it offers, you need to make quite an effort. This is not to say that there is a lot of heavy lifting involved, but it requires serious commitment and perseverance for effective results. While there are a 100 ways to master the art of mindfulness, coders globally stick to 3 major practices that help them harness and boost their programming skills-


To begin with meditation is the best way to achieving mindfulness. Meditation, simply understood, is all about training the mind in a way so as to pay attention to prevent the mind from wandering. Meditation is one of the surest ways to actually achieve mindfulness for programmers. While you meditate in a quiet environment, pushing away all the distracting thoughts and building focus, you are already on a high speed road to achieving mindfulness. In fact, mindfulness which is all about being able to focus on the present is a robust form of meditation. If you feel that meditation requires too much of an effort, you may want to reconsider this thought. In fact, all you need is a few minutes a day to meditate and do not really require an expert to help you out.

Practice Yoga

What better way to leap into mindfulness than practicing yoga. Why not start this practice on international yoga day? Yoga is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual activities which can be a programmer’s gateway to a healthy lifestyle. While mindfulness is one of the positive outcomes of yoga, there are plenty more benefits. Programmers, in particular, have more of a sitting role with seldom chances of physical activity. Thus, they can practice yoga to not only achieve mental well-being and mindfulness, but also stay in good physical shape. Also, as the saying goes, sitting is the new smoking, so programmers are definitely in danger. Thus, yoga is actually one of the few forms which can actually help programmers resolve their sitting problems. A piece of advice, start yoga today.

Attend to your Breath

Finally, if you seek to achieve mindfulness, start by paying attention to the way you breathe. Many consider this a subset of meditation itself. Attending to your breath is about actually observing how you breathe and alternating between low and deep breathe sessions. While this may sound like a child game to most people out there, it is in fact a great way to calm down your anxiety. Start small and attend to your breath for just a couple of minutes a day. Before you know it, you will be able to observe every breath you take. When you are able to do that, congratulate yourself for fast tracking your mindfulness journey.

Thus, this international yoga day, leap into mindfulness in the way that suits you the most. Just remember that mindfulness is not only a boon to your mental and physical health. It is a key to improving your coding skills and becoming a better programmer.


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