Ingenious Approach; Shubham’s Journey of Thriving Passion

Passion is the ultimate driving force to success. It helps us to grow and thrive beyond our abilities. Shubham Patwa’s nature of stepping into his brilliance gave him the courage to face the unknown. He always tried to engage himself in the activities, which enabled him to push his limits. From Lawn tennis to football, Shubham exceeded every sport he stepped in. His curiosity to explore retained him with the pursuit of learning. Shubham started learning to program even before he entered college. His nature of never settling enabled him to keep more efforts than required.  With the intellect of thriving passion, Shubham never restrained himself from the opportunity of learning.

Strive for excellence 

Shubham initiated his engineering vision with computer science. The thought of learning what he loved the most excited him. He started learning and building up his knowledge of various languages. Shubham’s dedication to excel enabled him to be on the verge of acquaintance. He says that his friend Siddharth Sharma persuaded him to learn and reach out for more.  Since then, Shubham has never turned back. With freelancing and numerous projects, Shubham became the one who people would always trust their work.

Curiosity about learning always conceded me to explore, question, and perceive things.

 Outshining the way 

Shubham’s ingenious work in his internship project left everyone astonished. With, AIR -2 his abilities were promptly acknowledged.  From Website building to Android development, Shubham’s zest aided him to grow in a short period. His idea of knowledge was not in gaining, but sharing it. Even after he started working, Shubham continued to share his learning and experience’s in college as a guest lecture. He started his professional career as a full-stack developer. With continuous dedication, he soon became a veteran in his field. 

“Learning anything requires commitment and the ability to push until you reach competency.”

Recro Stage 

Recro’s objective of providing a platform by helping people to work with the top startup’s influenced him. Shubham never believes in confining himself within the boundaries. Having to learn every day, Shubham started to scale up his professional growth. With an impeccable performance, he soon started leading the projects to a higher level. 

Recro provided me with an opportunity to work with the top startup, therefore supported me to scale up my career.

Final word 

I believe that we learn from every step. From mistakes to challenges, every consequence comes’s with its invaluable lessons. And my ability to discover never allowed me to let go of any opportunity. With implacable dedication, I continued to grow irrespective of my shortcomings. Every time I felt dejected, my mom consistently reminded me that I should never settle for anything but the best. As I persisted, I’ve learned that real progress is when you outdo yourself for what you were yesterday. That’s only possible when one holds the ability to thrive professionally,” says Shubham. 

At Recro, we believe that the growth of a person depends on his ability to thrive. And our willingness to provide a platform that helps them to grow ingeniously is our meaning of success. 

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