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How to unleash technology to solve a billion problems ? – India Stack

India Stack is a cashless and paperless service conveyance system. Term Stack is another innovation paradigm, which is adaptable to handle enormous information inflows, and is ready to empower business people, residents, and governments to collaborate with each other straightforwardly. India Stack  is likewise an open framework to electronically check organizations, individuals, and administrations. It gives the information to the every individual and gives him a chance to choose who he can make the information visible with. Mobile will be the platform for administrations, for example, identification, digital payment and electronic lockers. This is planet’s largest application programming interface (API). Ready to change lives one billion citizens of India.

The  evolution of India Stack

The policy was built in 2012, at the time of Central government understood that there is a lack of conveyance of national services to their all alone productively level. So this was proposed, in view of its involvement with Aadhaar, an open-information initiative backed by an open API policy that would make ready for private innovation solutions for manufacture administrations on top of Aadhaar. The project came out as a noteworthy advancement since this was the first occasion when the legislature surrendered it required business visionaries to expand on top of a stack to convey administrations.

Five precepts of India Stack:

Paperless ID-Proof:

Aadhaar’s 12-digit distinguishing ID number, drifted by the UIDAI, has a solid database of more than a billion citizen of India enrolled who have turned into the premise for India Stack. The Indian administration utilizes the stage to move appropriations and subsidies straightforwardly into the recipients’ records.

Paperless Money Transactions:

Novo Pay additionally permits money transaction process right through the cellphones. This can get to be the signature delivery system of the Indian Stack to make India an advanced economy. The paperless money transaction is a brainchild Indian National Payments Council (NPCI) that is an Indian banks’ consortium.

Paperless Records:

In spite of the fact that digitization is developing, India expends the biggest measure of paper. As indicated by corporate evaluations and exploration organization India Ratings, the per-capita utilization of paper is 9 kilograms and is good to go to twofold by 2020 in light of the development of the training business.


Today, numerous banks still left to demand an e-KYC on their stages. Notwithstanding, when they incorporate their foundation with India Stack, they can find the Aadhaar number as the defacto KYC. Paid ahead of time advanced wallet Oxigen permits e-KYC. Hub Bank has permitted Aadhaar to end up the e-KYC stage over all its two-thousand branches.

Digital Signature:

This was going to be the last step towards a giant success, and could be made straightforward between more than two parties operating contracts over the cellphone. People or elements can utilize the Aadhaar information to send computerized signature on an insured or authoritative report. Today, so many HR offers their digital signature online and people’s document likewise can be forwarded or passed online with this digital signature feature.


The Impact of India Stack on the ecosystem

India is a complex nation filled with cultural diversities and so on, yet technology is the only one who seems to unite all of us and break barriers. India’s huge domestic market can be streamlined using technology. India Stack is driving  India from an innovation-starved to innovation-rich society. Our verdict is that India stack is definitely going to solve problems in the Fintech , education and healthcare cost effectively.  The government is enabling critical systems with massive scale available to entrepreneurs, who have the potential to build custom solutions for various domains like FinTech, Healthcare, Agriculture and Education and help truly realize the true potential of the stack. The ultimate motive is driving users to leverage technology for the massed and drive efficiency at the grass root levels. As Bill Gates  rightly commented on India Stack saying: “India is on the cusp of leapfrogging!”, we at Recro, understand the power this stack possesses and will love to partner entrepreneurs who will like to leverage India Stack to create apps that address the needs of a billion  lives and be a part of this tech revolution


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