Technical Team

Importance of Technical Team in a Startup

Find a problem, fix it and then start a company.

Do you have a solution for any problem? An infinite number of ideas to be given life to? Start alone. Find as much as information you can and try to solve it. I know, being the sole owner of your startup you might feel that the startup is your baby and no one seems to understand it the way you do. You’re the idea generator and you’ve got a vision of where you want to go in the near future.

Technical Team

Sooner or later you will hit a roadblock and you will feel the need for more people to join you in your venture.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t do everything by yourself.


Building a great team who gel well, and love working together creates a healthy environment for your startup to grow. It is a great challenge and this could be one of the reasons as to why startups fail.

Technology has become an important aspect of our life. We cannot imagine a moment of life without access to the internet. If you want to be the boss of your own startup in all technical aspects, you’re going to face many problems.

Here we will list down few reasons as to why you need a technical team in order to be a successful startup

To determine how innovative your idea is

Everyone can start a new company, but in order to start a tech company, you must understand the space. You must understand where your idea stands in the market and if you’re going to innovate the technology itself or build a product using the existing platforms and delivery methods. This is where a technical team such as Recro will come into help.

Having a technical team is cost effective

Imagine hiring new people who have to be trained in a subject and then they are going to develop the product. Time-consuming right? We use technology almost everywhere from online sales to the mobile web. Understanding how to use the latest technology to our benefit is what that helps us save time and in turn be productive.

Buy it, Be it or Share it

Suppose your startup is unable to build a product all by itself, you can go either to a company to build your product which is going to cost you a lot or to freelancers who would do the work for a much cheaper price (it is risky) or you can learn to build the product all by yourself (this is the most time consuming one). The market and the technologies keep changing every single day, it is impossible for one person to learn and do everything all by himself.


Are you looking out for some professional team to help you out in your venture?

At Recro, we have a technical team who have good knowledge about all the existing technologies and can make life easier for you. They will analyze your problem statement, and being exposed in the industry for a long time, Recro is going to help you out and decide if your idea is actually worth implementing or not.We follow great methodologies like Agile and convert your vision and ideas into tangible products on time.

In sum, it is not possible for a lone person to build an entire empire all by himself. And moreover, different people add different values to the team which ultimately leads to the success of the startup. Please check out how lean startups influence the development of startups and how you growth hackers affect your startup. Do you have the experience to share? Please leave a comment, We shall be glad to hear you.


At Recro we combine Design Thinking, Lean and Agile to help you achieve market-leading  performance.

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