Fashion Technology Startup

How to make a successful Fashion Technology Startup

What comes to your mind when you hear the word fashion? Jazzy clothes, trendy goggles, fashionable foot wears and so on. You might even have a quick tour of your head from Paris to Milan, to our famous “namma Bengaluru”. All these cities are well known for all the fashion trends they have set in the country. Fashion has grown immensely and has become a specialized stream – “Fashion technology”. In short Fashion Techs are startups focused on the fashion world.

Fashion Technology Startup

Challenges faced by the fashion startups today

Though it is an exciting niche to work on, it could get cumbersome when you go ahead and decide to set up a fashion technology. It comprises the best of both the worlds- fashion and technology. Fashion and tech seem related when it comes down to – both are future-driven, product-oriented and is a growing passion for many young people. However, it is quite hard for technologists and fashion people to communicate and come up with a product.

Many technical founders know less about fashion – probably they assume fashion is all about the four seasons – summer, spring, fall and winter and vice versa i.e. fashion founders know less about technology. Lack of understanding could cause a great downfall in your startup.

However, there is an infinite number of opportunities for all the fashion tech geeks out there.  There are many interesting things from a toddler to investors and consumers, there’s a huge demand, market within fashion and technology offers numerous ways to cater the same.

How to make a fashion tech successful in its venture?

So once your idea is all set, you must go ahead and prepare a minimum viable product which would have a great design that would showcase the main purpose of your technology, and is also exciting at the same time to the targeted audience.

Fashion is all about emotions, it makes you feel. Create amazing experiences using videos and images thereby connecting you to your customers. The main ideas would definitely concern either the mobile or the web, so please ensure that you’re targeting your design as per the device standards. The web is much simpler compared to the mobile design, and what matters more is the User Experience because one can never forget the way you made them feel and this will determine the success of your technology.

Fashion Tech

Fashion tech startups are mostly online, and they happen to combine few offline elements as well. Few startups let you try on the glasses before you buy them, and few give you a glimpse of how the dress is going to look on you. By incorporating smart platforms, these startups are directly able to communicate with consumers and the consumers are given an option to tell the startups as to what product they would like the startup to produce. Accordingly, these startups can take pre-orders and then let the consumers vote on the designs and improvise their fashion sense based on consumer need and trends in the industry and ensure their startup won’t fail

What must Fashion Tech primarily focus on?

Every startup involving fashion must figure out how they are going to communicate and connect with their customers. Whether they’re going to let them try on the products virtually or take design ideas from the consumers, they must structure their business ideas revolving around the customer needs and latest trends.

What leads to the success of a Fashion Tech?

Building your brand is going to ensure the success of the startup. Fashion techs can either go ahead build their own magazine or start a blog related to the same to attract more customers. Also, these fashion tech startups are going to connect customers with one another and people are more likely to find their own tribe i.e. the ones whose fashion taste are similar to theirs. You can either have an exhaustive database storing all the information of every single individual or you can have a database of related tribes. This way you’re going to provide smart lovely user experience to each and every user which could help build the network rapidly in a positive way.

Fashion Tech

Future Predictions

However, few say that giant e-commerce sites could snap up startups in one go. But few predict that the fashion startup could also be acquired to help them launch their own product. This basically means that as retailers focus more on the product and the experience they produce they’re more likely to get into a competition with huge companies.

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In sum, fashion tech could mean different to different people but in the end, it all boils down to the experience delivered which is based out of the interests pertaining to a combination of people from entrepreneurs to the consumers.


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