7 Tips to Shortlist the Perfect React Developers for Your Startup

How to Find the Best ReactJS Developers for Your Business Idea?

Are you interested to hire ReactJS developers for your next project? If so, then you have reached the right destination. The need for good developers in today’s modern digital businesses is extensive. Despite the presence of thousands of great ideas, only a few ideas make it to a successful business model. 

This is so because acquiring good and reliable developers that are skilled in required technologies by the client is not easy. A lot of effort goes into accumulating a team that is strong, experienced, proficient and competent enough to generate the desired results.

That is why we did in-depth research and have come up with 7 crucial tips to help you shortlist the best ReactJS developers for your project. So let us begin!

What is React JS? 

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ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library and framework that is used to develop web and mobile applications. ReactJS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks used for building single-page applications. 

The framework is popular and widely used because it offers some of the best features like: 

  • Ease of Use
  • Higher flexibility to modify apps
  • Faster rendering process
  • Ability to create simple and user-friendly interfaces
  • One-way data binding
  • Component-based architecture for faster development

Statista has ranked ReactJS as the second most used framework after Node.JS to develop applications in 2022. Companies such as Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, etc., have all used ReactJS to develop applications, either partially or fully. 

Having said that, ReactJS is definitely the best choice when looking to develop a small-scale application that can be scaled at later stages. 

What are the Work Responsibilities of a React JS Developer? 

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The work responsibilities of ReactJS developers are as follows:

  • To build digital applications for mobile and web.  
  • To leverage the ReactJS toolkit to build efficient UI components.
  • To make API (Application Programming Interface) calls for different applications using functional libraries and other ReactJS workflows efficiently.
  • To monitor the code and keep it free of bugs and errors. 
  • To write expressive and simplistic code using the CSS-pre-processors such as Stylesheets, LESS and SASS, and other JavaScript features.
  • To develop and optimize reusable JS/CSS/HTML components and make them cross-compatible across different digital devices. 
  • To utilize wireframes and mock designs to create high-quality UI code. 

Tips to Shortlist the Perfect Candidate for Your Job 

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Here are some tips that can help you find React JS developers that are suitable for your project:

  1. Know How Many React Developer Tools the Candidate Knows

Start by analyzing the Java knowledge of the developers you are interviewing for the job. The React JS programmers that you hire must be well-versed in the language. 

Ask them questions related to JavaScript functions,  DOM manipulation, hoisting, and event bubbling. In addition, make sure they have a good understanding of EcmaScript, which is widely used to build React applications. 

  1. Check their Command on the Latest Javascript Language Features 

JavaScript is an evolving language. From its inception to now, hundreds of new features and concepts have been added to it. Hence, you need to ensure that the candidate you hire for the job is informed about the latest language features. 

Ask questions about advanced JavaScript features such as ES13, promises, rest operator, class fields, error cause, hasOwn, negative indexing, etc. Their answers will help you analyze if they are aware of the latest features or are still moving forward with old-school techniques. 

  1. Don’t Get Candidate to Perform a Whiteboard Test

Gone are the days when interviewers used to ask candidates to solve programming questions on a whiteboard. Today, we all know that all the developers leverage tools such as Stack Overflow and GitHub to write codes for their programs. 

Therefore, your only concern should be if the programmer you are hiring can work efficiently even without these platforms or not. You can check their previously done projects and ask them to sketch their concept on how to scale an application to better understand their programming knowledge. 

  1. Check their Knowledge About Testing Tools and Frameworks

Testing tools and frameworks are essential to designing high-performing and functional applications. Hence, it is crucial to hire React JS developers with terrific skills in this regime. 

They must know how unit testing frameworks such as Mocha, Sinon, Chai, Tape, Jest, etc., work. Apart from that, they must be proficient in end-to-end testing tools such as WebDriver work, CucumberJS, Cypress, Selenium, Puppeteer, and NightwatchJS.

  1. Experience with Modern Frameworks 

There are multiple web and mobile frameworks available today, such as Angular, Vue, React, Struts, Spring, etc. Programming languages essentially are powerless without the needed framework. Frameworks ensure that the developer needs to write less code and focus more on business logic. 

So, hiring Reactjs developers that have experience in working with different frameworks is surely an added benefit. It will surely enhance the quality of code in your project, and you will get a more sophisticated product in the end. 

  1. Experience with Other UI Libraries

UI Libraries are an extremely vital component of programming. They can significantly speed up the development process and create exceptional user interfaces for applications. They are also easier to use and save plenty of developers’ time. 

The libraries contain pre-written components, programs, etc., that help build rich and interactive UI’s and functions. So, make sure to hire ReactJS developers that have experience in working with React UI libraries so that you can get high-end solutions in less time. 

  1. Knowledge of CSS Preprocessors such as LESS or SASS

CSS Preprocessors are tools that convert non-CSS language into CSS language. They aim to provide a syntax that is easy to read, needs less typing, and offers more features. The two most popular CSS preprocessors are Leaner CSS (LESS) and Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (Sass). 

Both these preprocessors compile data into CSS stylesheets so that they come into a readable form. Knowing LESS and SASS can be highly beneficial for a developer as they can conduct more work in less time. So whenever you hire React native app developer, ask them about their proficiency in these two preprocessors for optimal results. 

How Can Recro Help You Find Ideal ReactJS Developers? 

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