How Manjeet Got the Most Out of his Challenges 

Challenges are the benchmarks set to see how often you can exceed it. While accepting them helps us to grow and experience the exhilarated victory. Manjeet Kumar’s ability to take responsibility helped him to transition from amateur to one of the most competent in his field. Since childhood, Manjeet was keen on giving his best in everything he did. 

From sports to academics, Manjeet outshined his way to artistry. He believed that one should always focus on what they admire the most. His diligence was the main reason to be chosen as one among 200 students who were granted scholarships by the government of Delhi. Manjeet never restrained himself within limits. His notion of following his passion helped to wing his dreams.

Making the most 

Choosing Computer Science in his bachelor gave Manjeet’s a push start to his dreams. His relentless work to improve helped him to master various programming languages. With internships and projects, Manjeet brushed himself towards excellence. He believes that having a zeal to progress helps you to make the most out of the opportunities.

“I believe that one should always learn and make the most out of the opportunities with ardor and diligence.”

Evolving the way 

Manjeet started his professional career as a backend developer. Being fresher never relinquished him from taking responsibility. His consistent zeal enabled him to work toward perfection. Even though he was exceeding in his domain, he never constrained himself within his comfort zone. He used to utilize his weekends to develop his skills in Machine learning, data structure, and in other programming languages. 

My notion of working hard was always boosted up by perseverance to accomplish more.

Recro stage 

Manjeet’s pursuit of exposure and learning brought him across Recro. With the vision to excel, Manjeet kept advancing every day. Recro’s objective of providing a platform for opportunities upheld his belief of never settling. His inclination in taking responsibility and excelling in work revived his professional career. His experience in various domains aided him to be a veteran in his field.

Determination is the most important of all the virtues because, without determination, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.

Final Word 

The pathway to success is full of uncertainties, as all the ways are. But the only thing that keeps us going is our diligence to exceed. And with me, it came at the cost of hard work and relentless persistence. I always believed in disciplining myself towards my ambition. From mastering various languages to developing the audacity to stand straight after every fall, I never let my failures define my defeat. With the vision to excel, I make sure of giving my best every single day,” says Manjeet.           



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