Internet of Things

How Internet of Things can Impact us?

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is an interrelated system of physical objects including computing devices, mechanical and digital machines and possibly all objects that will be connected to the internet and will be able to identify themselves with one another. Simply put, it is the concept of connecting virtually any object to the internet with an on and off switch. Each object will be provided with unique identifiers to facilitate data transfer over a network without requiring human- to- human or human- to- computer interaction. IoT is a giant network of connected things including people. The most common example associated with Internet of Things is an era where we have a smart refrigerator which has the ability to remind us that we are low on milk.

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Internet of Things

Impact of IoT

  • Healthcare- IoT can be highly beneficial for the healthcare sector especially for cases that require frequent monitoring. With the use of connected devices, health-related information can be sent to doctors, kin, and caretakers to ensure the real-time evaluation of a patient’s health. IoT can also be employed to facilitate assisted living and nursing facilities for the elderly. Some technologies are available which effectively monitor the health and the activity of a person inside their home and immediately alerts the family and the concerned if any emergency arises.
  • Transportation- IoT can make the process of transportation of goods and people cost effective as well as highly efficient. The Smart Jet engines seem to be the best example through which the airline already knows about the condition of the engine and required maintenance prior to the landing of the flight. This not only saves time to identify any possible defect but also decreased the risk of engine issues. Connected cars are another breakthrough which is intended to alert the drivers about the traffic conditions and notifying them about the available parking places, allowing them to save time and explore more efficient routes.
  • Smart Cities- IoT will be an important element to building smart cities in the future with a number of efficient features including-
  1. Smart lighting- This is aimed at optimizing the use of street and building lights based on current conditions.
  2. Traffic monitoring- Its primary purpose being analyzing traffic patterns and proposing a reroute to drivers to save time.
  3. Waste management- Aimed at optimizing waste pick up by measuring container levels.
  4. Security detection- Its objective is to detect the emission of any radiation or gas or any hazardous element in real time.


  • Agriculture and Animal husbandry- IoT can use sensors to monitor the health and the weight of the livestock and accumulating data to optimize the feeding and caring process for farmers. By efficient measuring of each attribute of the livestock, farmers can judicious divide necessary resources to each animal to maximize the output.

IoT is thus one of the hot topics of the present day. Numerous researchers are being carried out every day to expand its reach and horizons. As mentioned, IoT is likely to affect our lives in a number of ways by incorporating every sector that deals with human life. However, the future of IoT is unpredictable but IoT is real and changing the world as we know it.

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