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Hire Android Developers in 2022 in 3 Simple Steps

Android has dominated the smartphone OS market since its inception. According to a Statista report, Android OS will cover 87.4% market share by 2023. Thus, having an Android app becomes mandatory to reach out to more users for growth-oriented businesses. 

In 2019, the net international mobile app revenue reached approximately $462 billion, and by 2023, it’s predicted to reach up to $936 billion. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? But not all apps become successful and generate revenue. Studies reveal that only 1 out of 10,000 mobile apps survive in the long run. And this brings us to our next question: does your app have what it takes to become an irreplaceable part of people’s lives?

To create an app that will beat the competition and stand out from all the rest, you certainly need to hire android application developer. Here’s our expert’s take on how to find and appoint an Android developer to design an impressive app for your company.

Who is an Android Developer?

Before we share tips on how to hire dedicated Android developer, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the meaning and job role of an Android Developer. Android is a mobile operating system from the house of Google and was designed keeping in mind the growing needs of smartphone users.

An Android Developer is a person who designs applications and software for the Android marketplace. He or she is basically an expert in crafting innovative apps for the Android Operating System. This IT developer specializes in building apps for Android users who can access these apps on their Android tablets and smartphones. 

So, with millions of Android apps available on the Google Play Store, you definitely need a skillful Android Developer to create a potent app that could help you scale up your startup. Let’s explain more about why hiring Android developers is a must for new-age businesses.

Why Do You Need an Android Developer?

How exactly can Android development be profitable for your business? Android, the world’s most popular operating system, has a market share of 72%. By offering an Android application to your existing and target customers, you will give millions of Android users a chance to know about your business.

If you fail to target Android mobile users, you will neglect a large part of the population. This will reduce your chances of bringing up your business to the next level. In short, when you hire Android app developer, you are opening a new avenue for revenue.

Must-have Skills for Android App Developers

Not all are equipped with the in-depth knowledge and technical skills necessary to write, debug and compile Android apps. You need an app developer who’ll understand your requirements and develop an app that adds value to your business. So, do not forget to check for these essential skills when you hire Android Developers.

  • Knowledge of Kotlin and Java- Java and Kotlin are the major programming languages required for developing Android apps. Any good developer is familiar with the core concepts of these widely used programming languages. These include syntax, frameworks, functional programming, generics, concurrency and multithreading.
  • Experience in Android Studio- Android Studio is one of the must-have IDEs (Integrated Development Environment), which extends support to a wide range of Android SDKs.
  • Android SDK- SDK stands for Software Development Kit, a pre-modified set of code that speeds up the process of Android App development. Any adept Android Developer possesses the Software Development Kit. For example, if you want to integrate your Mobile Application with Facebook, the App Developer will have to use a relevant SDK from Facebook. This is the key to developing applications from scratch at a fast pace.
  • APIs- APIs are necessary to connect apps with third-party apps or services. For instance, with the help of Google APIs, you can locate the users of your application and assist them in searching for local, nearby places or provide a map reference within the app.
  • Understanding of SDLC and business processes- When you hire Android Developers, you also have to ensure that they understand your business ideologies. Only lucid understanding will help them identify primary features, plan the entire development process and come up with a mobile application solution that thoroughly meets your business requirements.
  • Expertise in Material Design- One major difference between Apple and Google is that Google earlier didn’t specify consistent designs across applications. Recently, Google has provided a set of guidelines on Material Design, and skilled app developers are acquainted with the norms.

Simple Steps to Hire an Android Developer

Finding a professional and talented developer for your project may be a big challenge. Here’s a guide on how to hire Android App developer in three easy steps with the help of Recro.

a) Select a good staffing agency

Once you’ve made up your mind to recruit a trained and professional app developer for your company, the first thing you need is a reliable staffing agency. Recro, for instance, has a specialized talent acquisition team that focuses on talent analysis, and short-listing top engineers to meet your requirements. All you have to do is specify the project details, the job role, and the key expectations and the staffing agency will take care of the rest.

b) Screen talent

Once the best candidates are selected, together with you, Recro begins the process of screening talent. This happens through a series of online interviews to have detailed interactions with the pre-selected developers. Technical testing is equally important to ensure that the candidates fit your project. By the end of the interactive sessions, you’ll have the best person to forward the work assignment.

c) Complete the paperwork

The third significant step involves the completion of the paperwork, and this part is extremely important. The app developer gets a clear idea about your expectations and company policies before welcoming him/her to your team. The onboarding process begins only after all formalities and signing of papers are completed.

And the best part about hiring developers through Recro is you can absorb any assigned developer under your payroll after a certain period. Recro offers many such beneficial propositions, which we’ll discuss in the next segment. 

How Can Recro Aid Your Business?

Emerging as one of the leading developer-focused platforms, your quest for the top talents in India ends at Recro. The company was established in 2014 with the intention of seamlessly matching extraordinary talents with the right opportunities.

Recro believes in empowering talented developers by supporting their careers through rare opportunities with major startups and businesses. Our software development services are App Prototyping, Development of Native Apps, Mobile Applications Designing and Development of Hybrid Apps. Here’s why we are the best in the market.

  • Customized Services- Recro understands your customers’ needs and your digital journey to create innovative custom solutions to match your unique requirements.
  • Framework Oriented Approach- Recro’s pre-built data-driven approach and digital frameworks enable the programming of app functionalities and APIs with the aim of lessening processing power.
  • Lean Consulting- Recro’s focus is on distinct, achievable goals instead of boiling the ocean. Rather than aiming for complete digital transformation, Recro helps you overcome your business challenges.
  • Top App Developers- Recro hunts the top talents for your team after a rigorous and highly competitive selection process that involves resume selection, personal interview round, behavior competency, coding tests, bot-based screening, and detailed background checks. We’ve set the bar so high that our acceptance rate is only 1.36%
  • Reasonable Price and Billing Transparency- Recro quotes the most reasonable rates for its exemplary services and attaches no overhead costs.
  • Saves time- You can save 1000+ hours in recruitment thanks to Recro’s cutting-edge selection and screening process.
  • Saves Re-skilling Costs- When you hire Android Application Developer through Recro, you end up saving training costs and get productive outcomes from day 1.

Recro has been a startup’s favorite since the early days. Within a short span, Recro has served 123+ startups, many of which have become unicorns today. Let’s check out a few of our clients and how Recro lent a helping hand in their growth story. 

Our Clientele

Trusted by hundreds of fast-growing Indian startups, Recro will empower your organisation and lead it to the path of prosperity. Following is a list of some of the clients we’ve served over the years. 

  • Cure.fit- The most preferred Fitness Application by Indians, Cure.fit effectively saved 1200+ engineering hours in the past year after Recro assisted with high-quality Developers.
  • Swiggy– India’s most reliable food delivery chain Swiggy is happy to have joined hands with Recro to cater to urgent app-building demands during uncertain times.
  • Dealersocket– The best SaaS provider in the Indian market, Dealersocket onboarded a team of 14 top-quality App Developers in just 4 weeks via Recro. This resulted in 3X faster app development for their business.
  • Dunzo– Dunzo witnessed significant growth in its business after hiring 12 vetted app developers from Recro and saving 500+ valuable hours.
  • Flipkart– Flipkart partnered with Recro to address the high-quality talent requirements during its Big Billion Day mega sale and hired 40 brilliant app developers in three months.

Summing Up

With the right platform, hiring an App Developer doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Now that you’ve learned how to hire dedicated Android developer, Recro is just one call/mail away. At Recro, we’re combining modern ideas and the latest technologies to create impressive software products. Do you have any questions regarding Android App development? Reach out to us, and our professional team will do whatever it takes to convert your dreams of building the perfect app to reality.

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