Working with a High Velocity Team: The Perks

It is a well known fact that the right team can accelerate an organization’s success journey. High potential talent can ensure absolute efficiency of work, and thereby, augmenting productivity. While the benefits of a high velocity team can never be overstated, on boarding such a team can be very difficult at times. On the one hand, finding the right talent for the position is often challenging. In fact, about 45% employers, globally, claim that they are unable to find individuals with the right skills. On the other hand, the whole application to onboarding process can be a nightmare. This is especially true for startups that have lean and agile teams, and believe in eliminating the manual labor for repetitive follow ups with potential candidates. In a nutshell, bringing together a high velocity team, though a dream for all, is often prone with obstacles. 

High Velocity Team: Bringing it Together with External Stakeholders

Fortunately, in today’s day and age there are specific businesses whose orientation is towards helping others connect and work with high velocity teams. The former seek to bridge the demand and supply gap for high potential talent, and help the latter access productive resources. While they go by different names like, staffing solutions, staff augmentation, etc., their objective is to help others work with a high velocity team and accelerate business success. By now, we have a fair idea about how businesses can get access to the right high velocity team. Let us turn to how seeking help from such avenues can help you bloom.

Productive Day 1

If you undergo conventional hiring, a lot of productivity is lost in bringing the new hire up the curve. Typically, a new recruit may take anywhere between one to three weeks to start adding productivity to your business. On the other hand, if you work with external solution providers, you can make productive day 1 a reality. Most of the profiles that such partners source come with adequate experience and briefing. Such candidates take barely any time to come up the curve Since this high velocity team comes with ample training, they do not require extra training sessions. Not only can you save on your energy and effort to give their productivity a push, you also save on the extra training costs. Focus all your attention to getting work done, right from day 1.

Time to Hire

How many times has a need of immediate hiring arisen in your organization? The answer would be definitely in the double digits. In today’s world of cut throat competition, employee turnover is a big challenge for employers. While there are enormous economic costs attached to it, takes a lot of bandwidth that most startups don’t have. In fact, the average time to hire, globally, is around 23.8 days. Efficient hiring is something that all startups from seed to unicorn crave for. Engaging with a high velocity team from third party staffing solutions can go a long way into making hiring frictionless. You can get access to predictable quality talent, that has undergone thorough assessment. You can bid farewell to long drawn selection processes, where over half the time goes in weeding out the wrong profiles. Embrace a day of immediate hiring and free bandwidths.

Flexibility – Scalability

It is true that we live in an uncertain and volatile market today. In fact, you may have ten projects one day, and two the next week. What do you do with the extra resources you have at hand? “Nothing”. They become sunken fixed costs. There is not much you can do after you hire fixed resources, but why not take a cautious approach before embarking on the journey. Working with staffing solution providers, you can enjoy the benefits of flexible hiring. This means that you can scale up or scale down your human resources depending upon your project needs.

Make your resources on- demand, like your food! Such an arrangement will allow you to ensure resource- lite operations with no commitments and easy replacements. And by God’s grace, should multiple projects come to you at once, exponentially scale with the pre assessed talent these partners source. Now, this is what we call a win- win situation, isn’t it?

Right Hires, Always

According to a research, 46% of all the new hires are often failures, in an 18- month benchmark. And, each wrong hire can cost your business around $14,900! These figures are scary, aren’t they? Wrong hires not only lead to piling monetary losses, but also wastage of time, training and other efforts. Fortunately, businesses that can help you build a high velocity team have this covered. Ensuring a high selection ratio, they seek to guarantee right hires. What they focus on is not the technical skills that you are hiring for, but also a cultural match to your organization. Therefore, such external partners can stop you from making a huge hiring mistake. Most of them come with a comprehensive selection process which is difficult to crack along with thorough check and background assessment. 

Deep Tech Expertise  

When you make a conventional hire, you only recruit an individual. However, when you engage with an external solution provider, you engage with a close knit network too. Confused what this means? Well, a high velocity team put together by staffing experts is not a lone entity. There are several experts backing each person you source. Think of the former as a safety net. So, in case, one of the candidates is in a fix, there are others to back them up and ensure seamless operations. In a conventional set up, you don’t have the luxury to fall back upon a support system for your new hires, but the new age staffing solutions give you access to a strong network of high potential individuals to lead your business to success. 

March to a High Velocity Team

If you are eyeing your business success with a high velocity team, then engaging with external staffing solution providers would be a wise move. While they take of bringing along the top talent, you can concentrate entirely on scaling to new heights. If you are looking for such a partner, write to us, we will surely help you build a high velocity team.


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