Top 10 Health Tech Startups

10 Health Tech Startups changing Medical Industry

Technological interventions in the medical industry and health care sector is not a new phenomenon. For a long time now, medical professionals and health care providers are leveraging different technological innovations to boost their practice and offer better services to patients. However, India faces a shortage of 600,000 doctors and over 2 Million nurses to offer adequate healthcare. Thus, the advent of health tech startups is a massive need. Increasingly, use of technology is not only limited to treating patients. Rather it is being used as a preventive and precautionary measure and even as a means to the wellness industry.

A total of 4,892 health tech startups in India, have raised $504 Million between 2014-2018, successfully leveraging technology to power each component of the medical industry. In fact, the digital health market is expected to grow to $536 Billion by 2025, serving over a population of 1.3 Billion. For this doctor’s day, we have compiled a list of top 10 health tech startups that are shaping the medical industry for the better-

To start with integrates different forms of fitness into one. is a health and fitness platform that offers different aspects of fitness to suit the individual’s needs. More than a preventive platform, as a healthcare startup, is disrupting the fitness segment. At present, the fitness segment stands at a revenue of $1.694 Million, with an expected 6.6% growth by 2023. The startup focuses on physical fitness via, mental health via, healthy food via and primary care via By touching upon each aspect of health care and wellness, is increasingly becoming the best solution to one’s fitness goals.


An integrated platform, Practo helps patients live healthier lives. Right from finding an available doctor in one’s vicinity and booking an appointment with them, to ordering medicine and navigating tips to a healthy life, Practo does it all for you. Patients are increasingly relying upon Practo to connect to the right doctor at the tap of a finger. In fact, 68% patients today start their doctor search over some e-platform. With over 2,00,000 healthcare professionals on board, from hospitals, diagnostic and fitness centres, Practo is impacting citizens in a big manner.


1mg health tech startup started with a simple goal of making healthcare accessible and affordable to promote a healthy lifestyle for all. Its journey begin with providing patients information about the prescribed medicines. The focus was on procurement and supply of medicines online. As it picked up momentum, 1mg delved into areas like a doctor platform to connect patients to the right medical professionals. Additionally, it offers testing services that are transparent and price effective for the patients. With its latest funding round, it seeks to invest in laboratories for testing among other plans for expansion.

Portea Medical

One of the biggest challenges faced by patients, especially those in the post operative or geriatric care like senior citizens, is the immobility which prevents them from seeking adequate medical attention. Research shows that over 50 Million patients suffer post surgery complications, Portea Medical is a solution to them. It brings medical professionals home for patients on demand. Additionally, the facilitate sample collection and report delivery to the doorstep. The best part about this health tech startup is that they offer equipment hiring services for any diagnosis that may require heavy equipment.


Integrating the potential of machine learning with health tech, this startup is focusing on building intelligent diagnosis systems. It seeks to incorporate the power of data driven intelligence to equip the global diagnostic space. The objective is not only to augment the transparency of the diagnosis space. The idea is to also enable medical professionals to conduct diagnosis in an effective and efficient manner with maximum accuracy. In fact, research shows AI driven diagnosis leads to 40% improvement over manual diagnosis. Currently, SigTuple is working on 5 major screening processes in the medical industry and is bound to increase its reach soon.


Unlike the conventional health tech startups, HealthifyMe does not focus on prevention and treatment. Rather, it focuses on patient fitness and health. It allows users to achieve their fitness goals and embark on a weight loss journey. The startup engages with the customers through their computers and mobile phones, leverage technological innovations. With an array of services to offer, it allows users to track their calories and nutrition intake, navigate their fitness activity and map it to standard benchmarks, among others. Additionally, it connects individuals to health experts to help them create a bespoke fitness plan, set goals and achieve them. To put it simply, HealthifyMe is a one stop solution for any individual aiming to embark on a fitness journey.


mFine leverages the power of AI to offer professional consultation to its patients. The objective is to remove the friction out of patient- doctor meet and accelerate the process. It aims to uncomplicate the process of getting consultation from a trusted doctor and in the way, make the process faster, simpler and proactive. In fact, with a shortage of 600,000 doctors, AI in Healthcare is a necessity. Combining the state of the art technologies like AI and machine learning with its dense network of affiliate partners, mFine ensure top notch patient- doctor connectivity. Additionally, it offers wearables and technological inputs to track one’s health parameters at one’s convenience. In fact, wearables are expected to reach a use of 1.1 Million by 2022.

Forus Health

Focusing on bringing a solution to blindness, Forus Health came into being. The objective is simple and achievable, i.e., eradication of preventable blindness. Currently, India is home to over 12 Million blind people, out of which 80% is avoidable. Forus Health focuses on a three pronged approach to achieve its mission. It seeks to raise awareness about the problem, increase access to medical solutions and augment affordability by bringing down the cost of diagnosis. As a first step, this health tech startup, has come up with a portable, rugged, integrated, affordable and intelligent eye screening device. The device enables medical professionals to diagnose for common ailments leading to preventable blindness in just 5 minutes. Additionally, its cloud based integration is paving way for remote diagnosis, spread across 26 countries.


To put it simply, DocsApp is an effective platform connecting doctor’s and patients. Its smooth user experience takes up patient information and connects them to an on boarded doctor within 30 minutes. Its fast turn around time is the reason for its super fast adoption.  80% of the doctors serve the urban markets, consisting of only 28% of the patients. DocsApp seeks to bridge this gap and facilitate virtual consultation. Additionally, instead of randomly connecting patients and doctors, it makes an effort to understand the patient’s condition and ensure a right match. In fact, it caters to over 18 fields of medical studies, including, cardiology, paediatrics, etc.


myUpchar is one of the health tech startups touching upon an unconventional idea to augment health and wellness in the country. While there is no dearth of medical information in India, its communication and uptake has been quite slow and sluggish. The main reason being, the language barrier. Here myUpchar plays a significant role. The app provides health related content in 13 Indian vernacular languages. It also facilitates the patient- doctor connection. With 35 Million pages of health related content, majorly in Hindi and some other languages, the platform caters to over 1 crore individuals. The platform most importantly benefits women in the 21-34 years age bracket. Invariably, these women lack any information about their health and are often the worst affected victims. 

To cut a long story short, health tech startups are constantly reinventing the medical and wellness industry. This Doctor’s Day these startups deserve due recognition. They are not only assisting doctors and other medical professionals, but are also enabling patients to live a healthier life. Undoubtedly, one thing all these health tech startups have in common is their team of passionate developers. If you have the passion and aspire to be the brain behind the next big health tech disruption, join team Recro, today. 


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