Values and guiding principles

Guiding values and principles that steer Recro towards excellence

 What are the values and guiding principles in business?

We are all well aware that business models and execution of strategies form the basis of a successful business practice. Unless an organization adopts right strategies, no matter how good the idea is, it may end up in failure. At Recro, we duly acknowledge the importance of a well designed business plan and line of action. However, we believe that other factors matter as much, and without them excellence will be a farfetched dream. For Recro, these factors include the core values and principles that guide our course of action and direct our business model. We believe that these values and guiding principles have kept us in good stead. List of guiding principles that have been instrumental in steering our business and operations towards excellence include-

Passion for work

Passion for technology is the one core value that each Recro employee carries in the heart and soul. For us, technology is not only the medium to our every day bread and butter. It is a means to project out our creative potential through developing and testing. Each team member has an extra ordinary affinity towards his/ her role. We believe that unless our team members enjoy what they do, they will not perform to the best of their abilities.  Each member is, therefore, passionate about experimenting and innovating with technology to explore its never ending potential.


The next guiding value and principle that defines Recro is the trust we harbor. Whether it is trust between the team members, along vertical and horizontal lines, or trust between the team and our clients, we take trust seriously. The logic behind this guiding principle is simple. Unless there is an atmosphere of faith and conviction in an organization, success is difficult to achieve. We believe that each member is dependent on many others for his/ her excellence. In the absence of trust and confidence in fellow members, cooperation is hard to achieve, which will invariably reduce the level of one’s performance. Therefore, when it comes to developing guiding principles, trust takes a top spot.

Thirst for learning

At Recro we believe that individuals are never too old to learn. Therefore, a principle that guides our behavior is a lifelong thirst for learning. We encourage our team members to embrace each opportunity they get to learn new skills. Our core value set asserts that the world is full of knowledge and it may come to us in various forms. Thus, each team member is presented with various opportunities to harness hard and soft skills. While we believe that upskilling by learning new technologies is imperative, we give equal importance to soft skills like empathy that go a long way to ensuring individual and team excellence. For us, developing guiding principles takes place via workshops, coaching lessons, etc among other.

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With the world evolving at a lightning fast speed, we believe that a core value like adaptability is the key to excellence. We encourage our team members to keep adapting to the changing environment. Adaptability can take various forms. Starting from adapting to the new skill sets that hit the market to adapting a new work culture, each type of adaptation is vital. Why adaptability forms an important aspect of our guiding value system is the simple reason that change is the only constant. Adapting to the changing market needs and delivering robust services with cutting edge technology has been the reason for our excellence and success.

Team spirit

In today’s interconnected world, it is impossible to work in isolation. Since each department of a team is dependent on several other departments, a team without team spirit seldom succeeds. This is a no brainer. Unless there is synchronization between team members, achieving excellence is very hard. Therefore, at Recro, we identify team spirit as an important guiding value and principle. We believe that the entire organization needs to work as a well oiled machine and team spirit is an important component of it. It involves taking joy and pride in identifying people as one’s team members. Additionally, absence of team spirit often results in a lack of feeling of belongingness that may hamper one’s performance drastically. Therefore, to encourage this value of team spirit, Recro engages in multiple team building activities.

Work ethics

As all information is available globally, thanks to the internet, copying one’s code or software without their knowledge is not a difficult task. However, it is ethically and legally wrong. While violating someone’s intellectual property rights is a legal crime, it is a violation of work ethics as well. Therefore, at Recro we take work ethics very seriously and it guides our approach to work. We do not believe in short cuts to development and testing and abide by all secure coding standards and principles. Our philosophy is to ensure that each product or service we deliver is home grown and if assistance has been taken, the service provider is compensated accordingly. Violation of ethical standards is a violation of our guiding principles and values.

Openness and Collaboration

One guiding value and principle that we take pride in acknowledging is the openness and collaboration we harbor in our organization. We believe that each team member brings a fresh perspective to the table. Similarly, we deny that any idea is small and insignificant. Therefore, we despise a work culture of command and control and believe in openness and collaboration. The ideas of a junior coder have the same value as the ideas of the founder and senior management at Recro. Our core value that each idea matters guides our approach towards team management. Therefore, guided by our principle of openness and collaboration, we seek to build an atmosphere of cooperation.

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Innovation and new ideas

The final value that guides and directs Recro towards excellence is an affinity towards innovation and new ideas. We acknowledge that repetitive reproduction of existing ideas can only go so long as to gather limited excellence. The wow factor comes only when there is innovation and welcoming of new ideas. We encourage brainstorming sessions amongst our team members to help them generate new ideas for their products and for the company at large. Our guiding principle is a belief that adoption of new ideas can help us create a new value for ourselves.

Values to excellence

The 8 core principles and values mentioned above are the core premises around which our operations are circled. This list of guiding principles and values has been the backbone of Recro. Undoubtedly, they have been instrumental in helping us achieve excellence. These values have not only helped us in achieving economic sustainability but have been a major helping hand in motivating our team members and gaining respect and loyalty among our clients. Today, we can say with pride that these guiding values and principles have helped us create a unique brand for ourselves. We are recognized as a trusted technology partner for organizations across sectors. If you are looking for a tech partner that is guided by a strong value base, get in touch with us today.


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