Freelance vs Dedicated React JS Developers - Their Roles & Responsibilities

Freelance vs Dedicated React JS Developers – Their Roles & Responsibilities

Finding a good and reliable ReactJS developer to build your business application can be a very challenging task. The application development process is an intricate task requiring developers’ expert skills to obtain the needed outcome. However, finding the best developers for your project is no piece of cake. 

Above all, today, there are so many options available to hire developers that the developer’s hiring process becomes more complex. Organizations often get confused about which developers to hire, either freelancers or dedicated developers. 

To clarify this confusion, we did in-depth research and figured out the characteristics of dedicated and freelancing ReactJS developers. So go through the blog and identify the React JS developer roles and responsibilities for both options. It will help you decide which option would be more suitable for your project. So, let us begin!

Comprehending the Difference between Freelance and Dedicated Developers


Before you hire dedicated ReactJS developers or freelancer ReactJS developers, it is important to know the difference between the two. Hence, here are some of the noteworthy differences:

Freelancer ReactJS DeveloperDedicated ReactJS Developer
Freelancer developers are self-employed developers who work without any intermediaries. They can be hired from various freelancing platforms and are an ideal solution if you have a lower budget for your project. Dedicated developers are software developers lent by a third-party company who dedicatedly works only on your project and takes it to its completion. Dedicated developers are similar to in-house developers who work for a company and focus on their given goals and targets. 
Freelancer developers usually are less expensive than dedicated developers. Dedicated developers are generally more expensive, but they work in a team, making the process more effective.
They do not offer technical or after-sale support. They do offer technical and after-sale support to the client. 
They are ideal for short-term projects. They are ideal for long-term and complex projects. 

Freelancer Developers

Here are some of the things you need to know before hiring freelancer ReactJS developers:

  • Freelancers work on multiple projects simultaneously, which means they can’t give you 100% of their effort on every project. 
  • They are inexpensive as compared to dedicated developers. 
  • Most freelancers are proficient only in one or two technologies as opposed to dedicated developers who considerably have higher knowledge of technologies. 
  • Hiring a freelancer ReactJS developer can be a good option if you need to work only on specific functionality or short-term project. 
  • Freelancers can be hired from websites like Fiverr, LinkedIn, Indeed, Upwork, etc. 
  • Freelancer React JS developer roles and responsibilities are much lesser than that of dedicated developers. 

Dedicated Developers

  • Dedicated developers work only on a single project at a time which invariably increases their productivity and efficiency of work. 
  • Dedicated ReactJS developers usually have more experience working as they mostly work on end-to-end solutions.
  • The risk involved with dedicated developers is much lesser as proper documentation and agreement are signed before the deal. 
  • Dedicated developers also provide technical support and maintenance of the developed software once the project is completed.
  • You can hire dedicated ReactJS developers from platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms.

Responsibilities of a Dedicated React JS Developer



The following are the responsibilities of a dedicated ReactJS developer:

  1. Building and designing rich, engaging, and responsive user interfaces and architectures. 
  1. Developing web and mobile apps using custom React components like JSON, AJAX, and REST.
  1. Creating functional and seamless business applications. 
  1. Converting wireframes and virtual designs into workable front-end ReactJS components and features.
  1. Building reusable components and APIs and compiling them into front-end libraries. 
  1. Working on end-to-end ReactJS product development projects. 
  1. Analyzing user behavior to improve the UI. 
  1. Optimizing component design and performance of applications. 
  1. Working with testers to address bugs, issues, and glitches in the application. 
  1. Learning new state-of-the-art technologies to stay relevant in the industry. 

Apart from the technical responsibilities, here are some other crucial responsibilities of a dedicated React JS developer:

  • To provide technical support to the client. 
  • To dedicatedly work on the project and ensure the project matches the vision of the client. 
  • Brief the client about the progress of the project. 
  • Keep the team intact and track the project’s progress. 

You can hire dedicated ReactJS developers who confidently address these job roles and take responsibility for developing top-notch applications. 

Pros and Cons of a Dedicated React JS Developer 

Faster hiring process. Miscommunication may occur due to remotely working teams. 
Higher flexibility of work.Language incompetency because of different time zones. 
Guaranteed completion of the project.Not suitable for all project types. 
A plethora of developers to choose from.Hiring dedicated ReactJS developers are expensive. 

Responsibilities of a Freelancer React JS Developer


The following are the job responsibilities of a freelancer React JS developer:

  1. Building new and engaging applications for mobile and web. 
  1. Developing the features of an application using ReactJS.
  1. Creating front-end libraries and reusable components for future use. 
  1. Translating wireframes and designs into high-quality code.
  1. Optimizing components for maximum performance.
  1. Unit testing the code to eliminate bugs and issues in the application. 
  1. Writing application interface codes using ReactJS workflows. 
  1. Troubleshooting the user interface and debugging application codes.
  1. Developing and implementing front-end architecture. 
  1. Documenting application changes and building reports for the same. 

Apart from the technical responsibilities, here are a few other job roles that need to be fulfilled by freelancer ReactJS developers:

  • Record the work screen to ensure billing is done for the work period. 
  • Providing the client with regular work updates to track the project progress. 
  • Build code for a given functionality. 
  •  Remove the bugs and glitches from a developed application.

Pros and Cons of a Freelancer React JS Developer 

Low cost of hiring as compared to dedicated developers. More risks are involved in the process. 
A huge pool of developers to choose from. Improper work ethics with a few freelancers.
Higher Mobility and no additional time and energy costs.Proficiency only in a single technology. 
High proficiency in work. No official contract for the project. 

Hire Dedicated React JS Developers that Suit your Organization


It is pretty obvious that hiring dedicated ReactJS developers is a safer option than hiring a freelancer. However, it is important to hire dedicated ReactJS developers from a renowned and reliable organization. It is so because it will ensure that you get the needed skilled professionals for your work to deliver the best project outcome. 

If you are looking for such partners, Recro is one of the best options for you. It is a leading outsourcing platform that offers world-class ReactJS developers for all types of projects. Reach out to our Recro team to discuss your requirements and hire the best dedicated ReactJS developers. 

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