Endeavors to Exceed; Kaushik’s Quest to Thrive Professionally 

Success by any endeavor does not happen by accident. It’s the result of deliberate effort and immense persistence. Kaushik S’s efforts for advancing in his career enabled him to thrive professionally. Growing up, Kaushik was unaware of his passion. But his quest to explore new opportunities assisted him to unveil his interest. Though being an average student, Kaushik’s zest to learn consistently motivated him to push his limits. With a BCA degree in hand, Kaushik initiated his coding journey. As he moved forward, Kaushik’s inclination towards learning to program enabled him to dig down to every detail. His ability to learn and excel was only possible because of his sheer curiosity. 

Uncovering stage 

With hard work and dedication, Kaushik got into a well-renowned college for his masters (MCA). His active participation in various projects helped him to strengthen his skills. His work in android laid a strong foundation for his career. Kaushik commenced his career as a VB.Net developer. As he progressed, his propensity to work for perfection helped him to outshine his work. 

We will never grow unless we try to do something beyond what we have already mastered.”

Zeal of learning 

Kaushik’s agility to learn and excel enabled him to edge out the competition. He never constrained himself within the boundaries. His ability to learn from his mistakes helped him to deliver his work more flawlessly. He says that his mentor Mr. Krunoslav Popović supported him to tackle multiple challenges. Under his guidance, Kaushik transformed himself into an expert. 

Great mentorship helped me to explore and act on my hidden passion and potential for coding.

Recro stage 

Kaushik’s relation with Recro is more further than a company and an employee. He states that Recro influences the life of an employer on more than just a professional basis. Working with the congregation of talent helped him to raise his performance bar. With the commitment and the ability to never give up, Kaushik marched towards his vision of brilliance. 

With Recro, we are amid the ocean of opportunity. The only measurement of performance Recro uses is passion and dedication, and that’s what makes all the difference.

Final word 

Along my journey, I have come across many ups and downs. Each time my reliance went down, I fueled it up with the power of continuous learning. Sometimes I’ll be surprised by how the zest of learning can mold an individual. My pursuit of seeking knowledge enabled me to transform from a clueless beginner to someone who can program complex codes. And I firmly believe in never settling myself within the boundaries when the sky is the limit,” says Kaushik. 

At Recro, we believe in connecting with our employer that not only helps them to excel professionally but also treasure the relations eternally. 


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