Do what you love; Sarthak’s march toward eternity

Loving what you do is the most subtle way of igniting the circuits of your highest potential. Sarthak Gandhi’s way of marching towards eternity is doing what he loved the most. He always believed that doing what you are most passionate about acts as a cornerstone for success. Sarthak’s passion for computers at a very young age enabled him to decide the career that he would aspire to land in. The more he learned about it the more he was drawn towards it. Besides computers, Sarthak was equally good at music. While computers enabled him to march towards his goal, music, on the other hand, kept him motivated along his journey.

One Step Ahead

Sarthak’s engagement with computers in the earlier stage helped him to establish a firm foundation. Though things were easy for him, his propensity of not settling for less enabled him to explore the new things and master them. Sarthak’s curiosity for learning and reaching out to its practical application consistently motivated him. He started learning Android and consequently developed a few applications which strengthened his skills at the initial stage. The training and the projects he worked on helped him to understand the core subject which made him stand out from the rest.

People can only grow beyond their limits when they are driven by curiosity, creative mind, and commitment,” says Sarthak.


Sarthak started his professional career as an Andriod developer. Though he was a beginner, his dedication to work was truly appreciated. He spent most of his weekends brushing up his skills and updating his knowledge. He always believed in taking risks, because it is the only way to break out of the comfort zone, as he would not agree to settle on anything less, but excellence. Sarthak always considered working for the product or the service which creates value. His inclination of working on minute details molded his work with the degree of perfection.

We all can create something out of nothing, and my tranquility lies in the fact that how much value my work creates.

The Recro Stage 

Sarthak’s search for the organization with an extensive learning opportunity and the freedom of working in the area of his interest bought him across Recro. He always wanted to work on the projects consisting of a large audience which might provide him with immense learning and growing opportunity. New challenges and exposure excited him as he craved for more.

Challenges are what makes life more interesting and overcoming them is what makes it meaningful. Being with an organization that enhances you consistently is the only thing that keeps you moving towards excellence” says Sarthak.

Final Word 

The only way to survive eternity is to appreciate each moment. And my way of surviving it is to love what I do. I have faced many challenges on the way to becoming what I am today and the most important lesson that I could treasure is my inclination to learn from the mistakes. We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But the only thing that makes the difference is, our ability to hold the power to shape our day and our future.” says Sarthak.

At Recro we believe in proving our employees with the opportunity that enhances them and navigates them towards excellence.

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