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Code with the beats- The Music for Programmers

 If you are a coder, we can bet you must have heard people saying that you have a boring job and a boring life. Well, that is one of the greatest misconceptions people have about programmers, that they crunch codes in a quiet cubicle all day long. It may come as a shock to many, but programmers have a great affinity towards music. While some may consider it to be relaxing and a means to concentrate, for others it becomes a source of inspiration. Invariably, music for programmers is like a basic need to work efficiently. Music to listen while coding can be any form from classical to rock. It should just click with your work. Over the years, software developers have been able to identify some specific coding music that optimizes their productivity manifold.

Music for coding- Is it a good idea?

Programmers early in their careers often have apprehensions about listening to music while coding. They come with the myth that this practice may adversely affect their concentration and performance. However, practical experience shows that coding music can actually augment one’s productivity rather than retarding it. Following are just a few reasons stating how listening to music while coding can help you perform better-

  • Reduced stress and anxiety-

For a coder a day can be filled with stress and anxiety. Developing and testing the same code day in and day out, resolving bugs, etc can cause uneasiness and fretfulness while working. Listening to music can resolve this problem to a major extent. Studies show that if programmers like to music while coding, their concentration and motivation actually increases. Obviously, this is subject to a typical kind to music based on the work in hand. However, one thing in common to remember is that music can open new neural pathways that can suppress anxiety and stress developing amongst programmers. Thus, one of the primary advantages of coding music is to withstand the anxieties of day to day coding responsibilities.

  • Increased ability to collect thoughts-

Following from the first advantage, music for programmers can go a long way into helping coders streamline their actions. Burdened with repetitive tasks, programmers often face pressure and are unable to collect their thoughts to process a particular code. Listening to music at times of crisis can help programmers in relaxing and putting their thoughts together. This way the coders can benefit from listening to music. They can calm themselves down and collect their ideas and then weave them together. Therefore, another major advantage of music for programmers is its potential to allow them to streamline their ideas, especially during times of over work and pressure.

  • More fun and enjoyment-

Finally, it is common knowledge that coding may require long hours. Now it is obvious that these long hours can at times become boring and monotonous. Crunching codes all though the day can be a tedious task. Thus, music for programmers can be an effective way to pep up the otherwise dull daily routine. Coders can mix up instrumental, classical etc music into a playlist for programming and use it when they feel bored at work. Listening to music while coding can add a fun element to the mentally exhausting task of developing and testing software. Additionally, music for programmers can refresh one’s mood and reenergize the brain cells. Therefore, an ultimate benefit of coding can be a way to add excitement and stimulation to the daily working of a programmer.

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Musicians as programmers?

This might be new information that most programmers will not be aware of. But the fact remains that musicians who have technical acumen can be efficient and effective programmers. They often have a range of skills that set them apart from other programmers, giving them a competitive edge. If you still don’t believe us, following are the reasons why musicians make excellent coders-

  • Logical and methodological mindset-

Musicians like programmers have to tap the right chord to get the right beat. This involves meticulous calculations and a serious of hit and trials. It is then no surprise that musicians with technical training will make great programmers. They will already be accustomed to following a logical and methodological path to making great music as well as great software.

  • Creative bent of mind-

Creating music and creating software both require a creative bent of mind. Software engineer musicians often have this gift in abundance. Since musicians are in the habit of experimenting new chord combinations, they readily accept the need to experiment with new code combinations. Therefore, the inbuilt innovative mindset of musicians place them perfectly as programmers who can bring something new to the table.

  • Attention to structure and detail-

Creating pleasant music invariably requires attention to micro details. One wrong hit can make beats unbearable. Similarly, coding also requires detail to structure of the code to identify bugs and ensure smooth functioning. Therefore, a software engineer musician has special skills to pay consideration to every detail big or small. Both musicians and programmers aspire for perfection that can only be achieved through micro consideration.

  • Imaginative skills-

Finally, musicians and programmers require immense imaginative skills. The need the capacity to imagine what their composition or code would sound/ look like upon completion. Thus, musicians and programmers both require spatial/ temporal skills to visualize their end product. This makes software engineer musicians aptly positioned to code exceptionally well.

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Playlist for programming

It is true that listening to music while coding can be a motivator and enhance one’s coding capability. However, listening to the wrong music can hamper a coder’s performance manifold. It can act as a deterrent to one’s mental activities. Generally, music with too many words can be counterproductive as wordings may create confusion. Thus, smooth music, especially instrumental, can solve the purpose. If you feel confused about the kind of music you should listen to while coding, you can consider the following playlist for programming-

  • Instrumental music for coding-

Instrumental music can soothe one’s tension. Music without lyrics for coding generally fades out in the background. It does not distract the programmers, but reverses the monotony of the daily routine.

  • Classical music for programmers-

Not limited to coding, classical music in general also has a relaxing effect. Classical music for programmers can be western or Indian, depending on the choice of the software engineer. The benefit of listening to classical music is the appeasing effect it has, especially during times of stress and anxiety.

  • Natural sounds for coding-

Datassette music for programming containing natural sounds is often quite effective. Natural sounds of winds or sea waves can have a calming effect and help stimulate the brain muscles.

To sum it up, we can confidently say that listening to music while coding can increase one’s productivity exponentially. Therefore, at Recro, we encourage all music enthusiasts to listen to music while coding and improve their capacity to create software programs.

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