Cloud Computing for Techies

Cloud Computing for Techies: What to Follow

Are you a cloud computing enthusiast but unsure about where to get your news and updates from? Well, don’t blame yourself. We live in a world of fake news today and every second piece of information we come across may just be forged. Therefore, deciding who to follow can we quite a tricky task in this day and age. Additionally, there are so many formats in which information is available today. Can you simply rely on the written news on cloud computing for techies and consider yourself a pro in cloud computing knowledge? Maybe not! Thus, to ensure that you are on top of the latest happenings in cloud computing, you must follow the top influencers, across different platforms and formats. 

This simply means that you should be consuming information from blogs, news, videos and even conferences. Yes, we agree that it is a little extra work than you are used to. However, you don’t have to go through each one every day. Consequently, you can pick who you wish to follow. But for best results, and to avoid boredom, mix up between different platforms from time to time.

Top Blogs on Cloud computing for Techies

Cloud Computing for Techies: Blogs to Follow

AWS News Blog

The first in line is the blog by one of the top cloud service providers today, AWS. follow this blog to keep yourself up to date about the latest announcements, features, etc from AWS. not only will it keep you on top of what is happening at AWS and the newest launches, it will incrementally add to your knowledge about cloud services and cloud computing for techies in general too.

Google Cloud Blog

Wondering where you can get details about the official news, features and announcements for whatever that goes on at Google Cloud? Well, what better place than their official blog for it? Read through customer success stories, solutions and a lot more, among new product launches.

Microsoft Azure Blog

Most people refer to the Microsoft Azure Blog on cloud computing for techies as a one stop repository for everything anyone needs to know about Microsoft Azure. It talks about the different services, their use cases and how customers can leverage the same for their business advantage.

DigitalOcean Blog

Get the latest information from DigitalOcean and learn about how you can make the best use of cloud computing for techies with DO.


A trusted source for almost all verticals of technology news. It’s section on cloud covers topics from the most basic, explaining the idea, to discussing the complex updates and functionalities. 

Top YouTube Channels on Cloud computing for Techies

Cloud Computing for Techies: Youtube channels to Follow

Google Cloud Platform

Stay up to date with the latest developer technologies and the news to keep you on top of what is happening on Google Cloud.


A technology channel which contains the latest cloud updates for you. Get access to not only the latest announcements, but also tutorials and how to videos to make cloud computing for techies a piece of cake.

Google Developers

An aggregator platform for all developers. It has content for developers across different domains. Learn not only about cloud computing for techies but also how you can collaborate with other stakeholders in the game.

IBM Cloud

Your go to guide for any assistance you need to master the IBM Cloud. Right from how to videos to hybrid cloud and cloud computing essentials, this channel has it all.

HasGeek TV

Another channel that talks about different technologies. However, its videos on RootConf will enrich the understanding of cloud computing for techies. 

Top Twitter Influencers on Cloud computing for Techies

Cloud Computing for Techies: Influencers to follow

Brendan Gregg

Author of the book, ‘Enterprise & the Cloud’, as well as an international DevOps speaker, tweets by Gregg are not to be missed by any techie.

Bryan Cantrill

Joyent’s chief technology officer and named as one of the top 35 technologists under 35 by MIT, frequently tweets about the latest cloud computing updates and his opinions.

Damon Edwards

Founder of DTO solutions which offers DevOps for cloud based businesses, comes with extensive domain knowledge and witty tweets to follow.

Dan Gordon

Product manager for Electric Cloud and passionate about posting cloud computing for techies updates.

Gordon Haff 

Red Hat’s Cloud Evangelist and author of the book, ‘Computing Next’, Haff’s tweets about cloud computing for techies and others are both informative and fun to read.

Top Conferences on Cloud computing for Techies

Cloud Computing for Techies: Conferences to follow

Google Cloud Next

An interactive Google Cloud experience for IT professionals, Cloud enthusiasts and Google experts. Learn not only about the latest Google innovations but also how business leaders are leveraging cloud to drive sustainable impact.


Learn about the latest in Docker Technologies and how DevOps and cloud have the potential to transform business outcomes.

Microsoft Ignite

Annual gathering of technology professionals, focusing on the latest tech innovations with cloud becoming an increasingly important vertical.


A community and conference which talks about DevOps and cloud infrastructure with city wise events to make cloud computing for techies more accessible.

AWEsome Day 

One of its kind online conference, the AWEsome day offers essential training for developers. The idea is to help them learn and understand the basics of AWS, without any charge.

Cloud Computing for Techies: Follow what excites you!

There is not a spec of doubt when we say that following all these platforms for getting your information on cloud computing for techies, is going overboard. However, it might be a good idea if you follow some of these and decide for yourself what type of content you enjoy consuming the most. Also, if you come across any other content platform about cloud computing that you find interesting, share it with us too, Please?


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