challenges faced by software developers

Challenges that software developers face on a daily basis

Writing codes as a software developer are not a piece of cake. It requires precision, concentration and a lot of patience. If you are a software developer, you would get frustrated time and again. This is generally because of the bugs and glitches that may appear in your code despite minute attention. However, the malfunctioning of the code is but one of the challenges faced by software developers. There are several other roadblocks that programmers face daily that may or may not have a technical origin. While there are several challenges in the way, the sheer satisfaction of delivering a working code makes all the effort worth it. Nonetheless, as software developers or as a technology enthusiast, we must understand the challenges faced by software developers to truly appreciate their work and commitment.

1) Never ending technological advances

Technology enthusiast or not, you must be well aware that today technology is changing at the speed of light. While this brings along new learnings each day, it might get challenging after a point of time. If you have a conversation with any software developer, most would say that the most fascinating as well as the most challenging part of their work is the new technology coming around every day. Undoubtedly, most of these individuals enjoy this part of their professional journey. However, at times it becomes more of a challenge.

If you are wondering why learning becomes a challenge, imagine having to learn a new skill every day and seeing your previous learning become obsolete. Additionally, not every software developer may have expertise in all tech advancements that come about. Therefore, learning new technical skills may be a boon in the longer run, but may actually seem like a challenge on a daily basis.

2) Beating the competition

Rising from the first challenge of growing technological advances is the second challenging of increasing competition in the market. While some may not consider it to be a challenge faced on a daily basis, if you look closely, you’ll think otherwise. As new technologies crop up, they bring along a new skill set that is required to ensure efficiency. This means that individuals not possessing the new skills are at the risk of retrenchment. Therefore, one of the major challenges faced by software developers is the possibility of losing relevance in the market to the upcoming competition. It is not only the new technologies that pose a constant challenge but also individuals who possess such talent. Thus, beating the competition at every stage remains one of the most feared challenges for software developers.

3) Meaningless Conversations

While the 2 former challenges were based on technical competency, the next challenge comes with the meaningless conversations software developers come across. More often than not, lay people consider software developers to be the God of technologies. They assume that programmers should at any point of time be ready to answer any question about any software. Right from questions like, ‘What do you exactly do? to ‘Can you make a Robot’, software developers come across such questions on a daily basis. Sooner or later this becomes a challenge for them as answering meaningless questions day in and day out tires them out. Therefore, when you come across a software developer, try not to ask stupid questions that make their day more challenging than it already is. And if you are a code, we’d suggest you meditate to deal with the meaningless conversations.

4) Levels of coordination

A software developer has to coordinate at multiple levels to ensure the delivery of a fully functioning product. This means that there are multiple to and fro from software tester and fellow developers. The reason why this coordination may become a challenge is the fact that a slight miscommunication may compromise the entire project. Having to the point conversations with software testers is very important and ensuring it can be truly challenging. This suggests that one of the major challenges faced by software developers is to ensure seamless coordination between and within teams. This might involve coordinating with individuals who do not understand their vision at all and therefore, can be very difficult to handle. Additionally, software developers may have a hard time coordinating with their immediate coworkers on whom they may be dependent for performing their tasks.

5) Bringing together state of the art technology and user-friendliness

If you are a software developer or know one, you would be aware of the dilemma of striking a balance. With competing products in the market today, it is not surprising that every programming wishes to incorporate the best and newest technologies into their product. However, this race for technical competence may at times come at the cost of user experience. Software developers need to acknowledge not all their users will be technologically proficient. Therefore, products that have technical complications, no matter how relevant they are, will not attract attention. Therefore, one of the major challenges faced by software developers is to create products that are technologically at par with competing products but ensure a seamless user experience.

6) Getting approvals and building confidence

For most software developers crunching predetermined codes all day long becomes a repetitive task and they want more. Studies show that programmers often strive for developing their own codes and products. Unless working as entrepreneurs, this becomes one major challenge for software developers. Often they need to create multiple models and prototypes to establish the viability of their idea to their seniors. Even after repeated efforts, there are possibilities that programmers may face challenges in convincing them. Therefore, developers aspiring to develop their own codes face this challenge of convincing and building confidence. Challenges may be in the form of delaying of validity by seniors or complete rejection of the idea. This challenge often amounts to frustration and lack of motivation.

7) Few resources- Multiple deliverables

Another challenge that is widely prevalent for the entire software developer community is the input-output imbalance. The extreme workload is a common characteristic for the developer community. Mostly, developers complain that they have been provided with very limited resources, both monetary as well as human. While there is often a shortage of resources, the expected deliverables always seem to be quite high. This means that developers are often overburdened with work and hard pressed for time. This easily translates to a situation where individuals are expected to be 10X developers to sustain their operations. Therefore, a common challenge is the disproportionate amount of work expectations from software developers on a daily basis. This is especially true in comparison to the resources they are endowed with.

To cut a long story short, software development like any other field of operation is fraught with challenges. These challenges come along with each passing day. While the work comes with the satisfaction of developing something new and hopefully creating a social impact, it does not leave behind a plethora of challenges. Nonetheless, developers today are taking such challenges with a sporting attitude. If you are a software developer and believe that you can take on and win over the challenges mentioned above, do get in touch with us. We are always looking forward to working with risk-taking software developers.

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