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Boost Team Productivity the Recro Way: Redefine Office Space

Your office design can make or break team productivity! Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Well, as weird as it sounds, office design and the way space is used has a deep business impact. An effective office design has more to it than just ‘aesthetic appeal’ or to make the office look beautiful. In fact, features on an office space can have a negative or positive impact on productivity. The rationale is quite simple. An average employee spends at least 8-10 hours in their office space. Unless the space emits positive vibes and energy, concentration and satisfaction will be far from achievable. A strong office design can make employees 33% happier and happiness boost team productivity by 31%. We aren’t saying this, research is!

Team Productivity at Recro

As any startup, our journey at Recro began with meetings at coffee shops and cafes before we moved into our one room ‘office space’ inside a flat. A cozy space, we called our second home, the office space was where our team started expanding. Sooner than later, we realized that while the space was very close to our heart, it was not the best place to boost our team productivity. In February 2019, yes, 7 months ago, we moved to a new office space and believe it or not, the whole dynamics of the space is boosting our team productivity. We were disillusioned that an office space is not just four walls within which we work, but it actually impacts team productivity in a plethora of ways.

The Door to the Open

“Open cubicles, space to roam around, think while taking a stroll is what office is all about now. Not restricted to my 6X6 of office space, I already feel I am delivering more than ever.”

Alok Singh– Senior Talent Specialist, Recro

Team productivity and open spaces

As most of our team comprises of coders and techies who are almost glued to their workstations the entire day, open spaces are a big boon. We no longer have to just sit at our workstations and work. We can pick our ‘spot’ to work. The freedom to move around and work feels exhilarating and opens up those veins in the blood we didn’t even know existed. The freedom from claustrophobia of closed cubicles is boosting team productivity to never imagined heights.

A Breath of Fresh Air

At Recro, we believe that if you don’t breathe well, you don’t code well. In fact, team productivity can rise by with fresh air to the workstation and a reduction in pollutants. And that’s exactly what our new office space offers. With ample open spaces comes a gush of fresh air to oxygenate our minds every second. 

Team productivity and fresh air

Let Nature Run its Course

Have you ever thought that plants, those things we only thank for creating oxygen, also have the ability to boost your team productivity and so does natural light? For most of us, the answer will be NO. Well, don’t worry, we were no different. It was only recently that we realized natural light and plants can boost team productivity. Consequently, employees are 15% more productive with plants in the office. And honestly, each member from our team agrees that natural light with plants and greenery is augmenting our team team productivity.

Team productivity and nature

“Natural light and plants in our new office space is so refreshing that it motivates me to work a little better everyday. The direct sun rays which lighten up our space and helps me code better and in a faster way. This natural lighting along with such pretty plants creates a beautiful working environment which drives productivity.”

Archit Sud, Team Lead, Recro

Collaborative Spaces

Today working is all about collaborating. If you are working in silos, your success will be short lived. At Recro, we believe it is not only conversations that drives collaborations, physical spaces have an equal footing. In the absence of spaces where two people can actually sit and brainstorm, meaningful collaborations are a far dream. Consequently, our new work space has abundant common and public areas where our team members can interact and boost team productivity. Specific places to make calls, have small meetings, just chill and talk are all making us more productive.

Team productivity and collaborative spaces

“Thanks to this new office space, me and my colleagues can easily collaborate on projects in person, instead of just discussing over calls. The common spaces allow us to huddle into small groups and action out specific projects. We are now all productive, productive, productive, instead of just talk, talk, talk.”

Shubham Rastogi, CEO, Recro

Well, all this crazy positive impact on Recro’s team productivity has been after we shifted to this amazing co- working space in Bangalore, CoWrks. Thanks to this space, we are adding more jewels to our team by the numbers. Today, we are a happy family of 85. And we are just getting started. Remember the right lighting, the right colors and the right spaces are not just visually appealing. They can make or break your team productivity and obviously, profits. If you want to work at a space that motivates you to be more productive, join Recro today!


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