Beyond the Comfort Zone: The Secret Behind Rishabh’s Extraordinary Professional Development 

It is always said that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Here’s how Rishabh Kumar changed his life by not confining himself within the walls of pleasure. A lively and resilient person today, Rishabh’s personality was entirely different during his early years. He pushed himself hard to transform from the unnoticed one at school to the most likable personality at college. Math and dancing are poles apart but for Rishab it was his passion and the source of motivation for his life, that encouraged his transformation. Being a bright student during his school times not only allowed him to get into his choice of college but also empowered him to develop a sense of confidence. And this remodeled his journey towards the new phase of life. 

The Uncovering Stage 

In addition to academics, Rishabh had a deep passion for dancing which enabled him to unveil his management skills as the president of the dance society… Little did he know that this journey would transform him from an introvert to someone representing the college on several platforms. His quest for learning allowed him to excel and enabled him to get out of his amenity. Keen in programming since day 1, internships during his college days augmented his love for coding and development. Learning programming languages like Java and HTML  provided him with the determination of taking a little more effort than required to perform extraordinarily. 

Rishab’s passion, determination, and hunger for learning not only made him stand out from the rest but also gave him the audacity to face and overcome his challenges. People usually don’t take risks or strive for change, hoping that they would reach safe if they walk along with the crowd. But the one making his own path holds the ability to change his destiny and influence others to follow their dreams.                     

Beyond the Limits 

Coming from a business background, Rishabh was the first in his family to opt for a job after college. Many of his family members and relatives advised him to look after the family business, but Rishabh was determined to write his own future. He would not fear failure but would rather fear not trying. Having a clear vision and the power to withhold his dreams, Rishabh started to march towards his goals.

Choosing to not decide an MNC after his final year placements was not an easy call. Rather, he decided in favor of startups with a belief that they could offer him a steep learning curve. Starting his career with a small startup not only allowed him to excel in his domain but also developed his multitasking skills within the firm. After learning enough from his previous company Rishabh’s quest of trying new things brought him to Recro.  

Journey at Recro 

While great exposure and learning was what attracted Rishabh to Recro, its location at Bangalore, the IT hub of India, added to this appeal. Invariably, it is the best place for any software developer to learn, experience and excel in their career. With the same enthusiasm, Rishabh’s inception and days at Recro passed as fast as a beautiful dream of dawn. 

As Rishabh’s profile was strong as a front-end developer, Recro provided him with the opportunity to work with one of it’s finest clients, Curefit. Curefit is an Indian health and fitness company offering digital and offline experiences across fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being.    

Final Word: What Next?

You will only be confined by the walls you build yourself, and I never believed in confining myself within the box. From the phase of being an introvert to the point of representing people and taking a risk when things were comfortable till working in startups, every phase of my life has helped me pick up an important lesson. And my ability to learn each and every day makes me feel that taking chances is really important because you never know how absolutely perfect someone could turn out to be. My days in Recro provided me with a great learning experience and also gifted me with a beautiful family that stays with me forever.”  Says Rishabh as he talks about his extraordinary journey at Recro.

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