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Best Practices for Developers: Stay Relevant in 2020

Did you know that there are 5 jobs available for every software developer? This clearly translates to the fact that there is a large demand and supply gap in software development. This makes software developers increasingly sought after. In fact, there is an 87% employment rate among software developers. While they are well in demand, software developers need to constantly push their boundaries to better themselves. With new technologies surfacing everyday, software developers need to constantly upskill themselves. There are various ways in which developers can ensure their continued relevance. Here, we have compiled a list of best practices for developers to make the most of their sought after expertise. 

This compilation of best practices for developers comes from the rich experience shared by different developers across the globe. While it is bound to lead the way for the budding developers, it will also serve as a reminder to the seasoned ones that may have forgotten about them.

Choose your First Language Wisely

Choosing your first language is generally tricky. As one of the best practices for developers, it is important to make an informed choice when choosing your first programming language. This is not to say that one language is better than any other. The idea to choose your first language wisely is to make the right choice about what interests you and what has scope in the future. Try to pick up languages that are neither very new, nor too outdated. Additionally, remember that you are not only choosing a language, but also the developer community that comes along with it. They will be your support system when you are in a fix. Therefore, choosing a language that is just starting off maybe interesting, but might not come with network support. Invariably, the first language you choose should be a combination of your interest, its relevance and the community. 

Repetition is your Enemy

D.R.Y- Don’t Repeat Yourself is a motto that almost every developer swears by. Try not to repeat elements and other parts of your code. In fact, you should try to code in a way that eliminates the need for repeated human interaction. It is true that sometimes repetition is unavoidable. However, when it is not, try not to do it. As one of the best practices for developers, make a sincere effort to not repeat any part of the code, unless absolutely necessary.

Keep an Eye on the Business

Conventionally, as a developer, your role is simply to power the product/ service with the best technology out there. While this is a well established approach and works most of the times, making business sense is one of the best practices for developers who seek to scale their professional growth. Most business heads in a company seldom understand the technical terms you may use while developing a software. However, true to your human nature, you can talk business. Therefore, instead of simply doing everything as you’re told and mimicking a robot, try to understand the underlying rationale of what you are developing.

Comprehend what is the purpose of what you are building. A robust understanding will help you gauge the ultimate goal of the code you are creating. This will not only aid you in building better, but will also help you offer potential insights to the business model and make a winning software.

Stay Agile & Fail Fast

Stay agile and fail fast is not only one of the best practices for developers, it is also a good advice for life. As developers, it comes as second nature to produce faulty codes sometime or the other. It is completely normal. However, what is not normal and productive for you is to let it sit and act on it when the worst has come. Stay agile, fail at your initial attempts and then with all the data, make your attempts more robust. Won’t it be great to know as early as possible about what will work and what will not? Well, that’s what failing fast is all about.

Additionally, if you fail in the initial stages of your code, the bugs are simple to rectify. However, as the code gets more complex, the errors become difficult to tackle. Not to mention that in heavier codes, pinpointing where the error is, is a nightmare. Therefore, fail as early as possible, and the ball is in your court.

Keep it Simple

Most developers create codes that only they are able to comprehend. However, they often overlook the reality that the code they write once, will be in the universe forever. It has happened frequently, that after due course of time of writing a code, even the developer him/ herself is unable to make meaning of it. Additionally, it is not only about you understanding it. In the normal course of any project, codes change hands and you pass them onto the next person to work on. If your codes are too complex to understand, they may be difficult to work with for others. Therefore, a simple way out of all this confusion would be to keep your code as simple and elegant as possible. 

Don’t follow Best Practices for Developers Blindly

Finally, one of the last by very important best practices for developers is to not follow the best practices blindly. The circumstances and the context for each developer is unique and therefore, what might be a great practice for one may be equally defeating for the other. Invariably, these best practices for developers are something that the most experienced developers vouch for. However, implementing them just because somebody else thinks they are the best may be going a little too far. Let these practices be your guiding light, to ponder upon every now and then. However, following them, No questions asked, even when they are stunting your growth, instead of promoting it, might be going a little too far. Therefore, the best route would be to understand the purpose of each practice and evaluate for yourself if they make sense or not.

Reach New Heights as a Developer

Following some, if not all, of these practices will definitely give your professional life a kick that you are looking for. If you are seeking new avenues to explore, consider reaching out to us at Recro. We are tirelessly involved in helping super developers get exposure in the best startups all across. If you think you have what it takes to make it big, write to us today!


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