iOS Features

New iOS Features that will blow your mind

Apple has just rolled out the beta version of iOS 10. It is considered to be a big update for the iOS users, concluding many new iOS features. After having a hands-on with the new OS, some slight bugs were also found in the latest version; however as it is a beta or testing version, the bugs are likely to be removed till the official stable version of the OS comes out to the end users.

apple OS

From more flashy looks to the addition of some prominent features, there are many high-profile changes which are made in iOS 10. Here are some of its important iOS features, to look out for:

  • Tangy New Lock screen

The lock screen has got a new look, with the addition of some extra widgets. Along with the clock notification, you can also check the weather, can see the next event in next few days and can make a list of favorite contacts to appear on the screen. You can also customize these quick launch widgets and icons; for instance, you can add music widget, to readily access your favorite music.

Tangy New Lock screen
  • 3D Touch

3D touch was a quite awaited feature of the iOS 10, as featured in most of the advertisements of iPhone. You need to hard press any icon to see the 3D touch items for that respective application. For instance, long pressing flashlight icon, will open options as set the timer for 20 minutes or more, increase or decrease brightness etc.

3D touch
  • Sticker, Handwriting, Invisible Ink and other Effects

Lots of interesting filters and features have been bundled in the default messaging app of iOS 10. Starting from the simply animated stickers, you can even send custom made gif images using the inbuilt filters. Another wonderful filter is the invisible ink, you can access editor by long press the send button, now select the background color and set ink type to invisible. The text or whatever has been painted out will be invisible until the users hover over the message using his/her finger. This editor has normal inks too, in different colors, which you can use to send simple messages in your own handwriting as images.

OS effects
  • New Camera Shortcut and Widget Option

Remember the Android feature of opening a camera app by just swiping onto the lock screen? Or adding customizable widgets on a screen? Of course, you do! The missing feature in iOS 9 has been updated in iOS 10 and now you can easily flip up the camera using a shortcut; just need to swipe the lock screen to the right. And swiping left on the screen will open a space for widgets.

new camera shortcut
  • Do More with Siri

The Apple’s personal assistant app is now set to open up for some third-party apps. You’ll be able to send messages on WhatsApp by just commanding the Siri with your voice. Besides this, there will be more to look for; you may send money using Siri, use Pinterest for searching photos and book ride on Uber by using a voice command. The updated intelligent Siri helps you in completing the sentence while you’re texting, and not just by spitting the guess on the next word based on previous, but with deep and better learning, the suggestion bar will analyze the conversation and then fill up your sentence with appropriate text.

  • Redesigned Apps

iOS 10 is also packed with some newly designed apps such as Apple Music. It has now got a fresh design, with a simpler interface, making the navigation quite easy. You can now instantly find music from the playlist and can also scroll through the list from the player’s home screen.

redesigned apps

Apple’s mail client is also getting major improvements, such as mail filtering, conversational view, mail sorting etc. You can now filter the current view of mail list using the filtering option. According to such filter, you can set the view to get emails with some custom prescribed options such as from a specified mail, or CC to some mail and so on. This can be considered quite similar to what Google tried to do with its ‘Inbox’ app.

apple mail

One must keep these features on their mind to ensure their app gets published on the App store.

We at Recro have already started implementing the Apps we develop for compatibility with iOS 10 devices.

So, these were some of the major additives introduced in the beta version of iOS. You can, however, hope for more in the final stable version of the iOS, with the retention of these features.


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