Being Self-reliant; Anil’s Propensity to Create his Way 

The path to our destination is not always straightforward. We face many obstacles, twists, and turns along the journey, but one thing that keeps us going is our ability to stay self-reliant. Anil Sharma always believed in creating his path. His propensity for self-belief helped him to stand out in every situation he encountered. Anil’s exposure towards computers at an early age assisted him to discover his passion. Since then, he never let the opportunity of learning slip out of his hand. Anil would always try to learn and excel in the things he encountered. Learning HTML and working on the projects helped him establish a strong foundation. Anil’s determination enabled him to put in extra effort to perform extraordinarily. 

Invaluable Lessons 

Anil claims that his parents always motivated him to take responsibility for his life. He always considered that believing in oneself is an indispensable part of success. Anil’s involvement in various projects instigated him to reach out for more. He started his career as a Software engineer. Though being new to the industry, his zest towards work helped him develop and excel in a short period. He always tried to give his best irrespective of the amount of work given to him. 

You must take the responsibility of your own choices and actions for you to learn nothing until you take ownership of your own life.”

Exceeding the expectations 

Anil believes in living in the present. His inclination of never giving up helped him go beyond the confined boundaries. His persistence added efficiency to his work. Anil’s spirit of never settling helped him to be competent in his field. 

“True success is when you exceed your expectations or live up to them because at the end of the day no one else can measure this.”

Recro Stage 

Anil always wanted to work with the company which not only allows him to brush up his skills but also provides him with a considerable work-life balance. While Recro provided him with the exposure he was looking for, its location i.e in Bangalore added more to its appeal. 

I believe that having the courage to step out of your comfort zone helps you kickstart the journey towards  your goal ”

Final word

I have many takeaways from my journey, but the one that I would treasure my entire life is that, no matter what happens, no matter how far you seem away from being where you want to be, never stop believing in yourself. I have faced many challenges but, the light of an unrelenting belief that things will work out always motivated me, to continue, to persist and to persevere along the way,” says Anil. 

At Recro, we recognize the importance of exposure and believe in providing our employees with the platform that not only helps them to excel in work but in life too.

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