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App Store Optimization: Increase your App Visibility in App Store?

It’s always nice when your work is recognized. It makes you more motivated and in turn, you work harder. There are millions of apps in the major stores out there, and you would want your app to make a difference to everyone. But are you wondering how you’d get your app on the front? How to let people discover it more easily? Please be aware when you enter the mobility app domain, it’s very important that your team learns to make efficient apps (Related: Importance of the technical team in a startup) and also ensure you know how to market it. This is where app store optimization (ASO) comes into the picture. Let us have a look at some app store optimization tips-









If you’re not using App Store Optimization to increase your app’s search ranking, you’re missing out on the largest discovery channel available to your app.

So, what is App Store Optimization?

It’s simply the process of optimizing your mobile apps to rank higher in the app store. In turn, it is more visible to your customers. Thus ASO ensures that there’s more traffic for your app in the app store.

The goal of ASO is to drive more traffic to your app’s page in the app store, so searchers can take a specific action: downloading your app.

During ASO process, you have to include those keywords which are being used by your potential customers so that they can easily find your app on the app store. For best results, create an app store optimization plan.

How does App Store Optimization Work?

Primary Factors:




So, is a keyword worth placing in your title? Yes.

  • Title –

Your app title is going to make a huge difference. Spend enough time trying to find a suitable title which also must be a strong keyword. By word of mouth, the news spreads about your app as your app gains more reviews and ratings. Therefore it’s a poor practice to change title frequently, instead spend time initially and find a suitable name for your app.

  • Keywords –

Understand those keywords which are relevant to you and those which your potential customers might use when they search an app. This is one of the most important app store optimization strategies.

Secondary Factors:

Do apps with more downloads rank higher? Yes

Total # of Downloads

This is simple and straightforward. The more downloads, the higher the ranking and thus higher App Store Optimization. But unfortunately, this isn’t in our hands to control.

Do apps with better ratings rank higher? Yes

This is also not under our control however, we can request and give incentives and ask people to leave a feedback on our app.

All good things take time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, similarly, you just can’t wake up and make some magic overnight to optimize your app. App Store Optimization process takes time, and it has to be constantly tweaked over a long period.

There isn’t any process to follow as such, but developers in this era usually pick keywords and write a description about the app during the app submission process. Most of them forget to check for those good keywords that actually could make a difference to them. Because of which apps will be hidden most of the time and their chances of discovery by potential customers are low.

Go ahead and continue reading to get an idea of how you can improve your apps rank.

App title:

Here you must convey the purpose of your app.

You can go ahead and choose a lesser known word and add appropriate meaning next to it. Ex: “Whoots — Send Gifts”.

The better you name your app, the higher the chances of it being discovered on the app store

App Description:

Your description is going to make or break the success of your app. Use crystal clear crisp words that are relevant to your app and try to cover each and every keyword that’s associated with your app.

You can either use google keyword planner or other keyword tools available over the internet.

Relevant Images

Ensure that you include good screenshots of your app.

Most of the users run through the screenshots provided before they go ahead and install it.

Positive visual impression works wonders.

App Icon

An icon has to be attractive, relevant to your app. It is the first thing we all are going to look at.

It should be neat, clean and must follow standards at the same time. Do not make it overpopulated by including too many texts or images. Make it as simple and elegant as possible. You can also perform some tests(A/B testing) to see how better your app icon is compared to other apps in the market.

Include videos

Your video is going to narrate what a 3000-word description can’t.

Including a video is a great idea, because the user of the app will get an insight on how the app works and will thus be more impressed and will go ahead and download it.

You can create free videos at

Reviews & Ratings

Get everyone to rate your app and leave a comment. Make proper use of Facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites.

Please ensure that you reply back to every comment on the app store. This will make your users feel overwhelmed that you actually care about what they say and you implement it. Thus you win their hearts and by the word of mouth it will reach millions of others who will come in search of your app.

You can also get bloggers to come and review your app and provide a link to download the same on their blog.

Get some influencers to talk about your app, or some sites to write up about your app. This way you can boost your app ranking.

Incoming Links

Google Play store notices what the sources of the incoming links are and how much traffic is there for an app.

Get your app indexed with Google. This improves visitors to your app page.

This means the more the incoming links you have to your app description page , the more popular your app gets and it bumps its rank over due course.

Submit your App Everywhere

Submit your app everywhere: Play store, AmazonApp Store and so on.

Reduce App Size:

This is a very important thing. Please ensure that your app size is lesser than 5 MB, this is a sign of a goo optimized app as per google play store. Optimize your app using Proguard, Lint, 9patch Images.

Also don’t forget to include google+ sign on option in your app, these apps get higher ranking than others.

Therefore to stand out from all the other million apps out there, developers have to constantly track their own ratings, reviews and check how their competitors are performing, you can take the help of growth hackers for this. Every day more apps get published. There are high chances that an app that was once heroic would no longer be easily discoverable due to other peers. This is why one has to keep testing and experimenting with keywords to make your app rank consistently well and thus attract more traffic to your app in the app store.


In sum, to reap all the benefits of App Store Optimization, you not only have to invest time in your app, you also have to invest some time and effort on ASO to ensure you will have a consistent traffic to your app. I understand to stand out over other million apps is a very challenging task. However, if your app has what it takes and if it’s going to change the world why not invest some time on App Store Optimization?

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