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Android O: All you need to know about it!

Android O, Google’s latest Operating System, has been designed keeping in mind the long battery usage of its potential users, thereby the software is expected to extend the battery life and allow users to undertake multiple tasks at once. The developer preview of Android O has already been launched and is a hub of a plethora of new features, prioritizing the device’s interactive performance. Though the developer preview is limited to a narrow number of devices (Pixel and Nexus), its exceptional features that aim at limiting the background data and prevent the speedy battery draining of one’s android device are increasingly coming into the limelight.

Android O

Features to be Lookout from Android O:

Background Limits-

To improve the battery life, Android O will automatically put limits on what an App can do in the background. And will optimize its activities to a minimal level to save battery. The restriction of certain app activities focusing on broadcasting, background services, and location will extend battery life without user- input.

Notification Channels- 

Android O attempts to prevent the unrestricted flow of notification by creating channels. Which will enable the users to manage notifications of each app separately, through its ‘Fine- grained control’.  Notification channels will allow users to change the behavior of each app and even in-app notifications individually.

Android O Notification

Autofill APIs-

Android O will allow the users to autofill repetitive information in case of account setups and form filling. Selecting the autofill app, like the keyboard app. It will enable the users to store personal information like passwords, addresses etc. And prevent users from wasting time and energy in typing recurring details, making the operating system user-friendly.

Picture In Picture (PIP)-

The PIP feature, already available for computers and TVs, is advancing for mobiles as well. It will allow users to continue watching their videos while replying to a chat or the like. It aims at preventing the users from stopping their video viewing to carry out another task and that enables multitasking. The user will be able to customize the video to screen ratio to suit particular needs.

Adaptive Icons-

Android O is expected to support visual effects by promoting the display of icons in different shapes across different devices. For instance, an app might have a circular orientation on one phone, while having a square one in the other.

Adaptive icons

A number of other features are also catered to by the budding Android O. Which are likely to transform the face of the operating system industry for the better. All the expected features aim at an increased battery life of the device with an emphasis on greater user interaction and comfort. Read more at Android O developers preview for detailed features list.

Google I/O

Traditionally, Google announces it Android advances at Google I/O, an annual developer festival, aimed at exploring the next generation of technology, mobile and beyond. With the developer preview of Android O already in the markets. It is safe to assume that Google will be announcing its precise features this year from May, 17- May 20, 2017.

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