All you need to know about Wearables

Are you a kind of person who always wanted to get all the new gadgets and gizmos, by your side; then wearable tech would be the most awesome thing, you might have come across till now.

 ‘Wearables’, as per the name suggest are the devices which can be worn. Well, this doesn’t tell the whole story, as following this definition, headphones might also be called a wearable tech or a simple digital watch too. In essence, these exceptional electronic devices, as you can find sensors, processors and touch panels in these devices. Now the marketplace is filled with new wearables every day which is definitely going to make life easier for us.

Smartwatch is certainly the simplest example of these devices, which came first in the hierarchy and is developing fast with the inclusion of new sensors and features, by different manufacturers. Besides just watches, there are other wearables too; here are all the wearables developed till now.



Smartwatch is a device worn on the wrist; besides just telling the current time, this watch can do variety of other stuff too. It can be synchronized with smartphones, probably android or iOS using WiFi or Bluetooth, to constantly receive important updates such as Emails, Facebook notifications, messages etc. Most popular of them all is Apple’s very own ‘Apple Watch’, which works fluent and looks marvelous.

Fitness Bands/Trackers:

Fitness Bands

Fitness bands were curated to keep a track of daily exercise and workout; however, it has now evolved to a much greater extent. Generally, the design of such bands is sleek and resembles more to a watch. It can be used to keep a track of burned calories over a day, display time, monitor your heart beat, notify of updates using vibrations etc.

VR Headsets:

VR Headsets

Virtual reality headsets are now a new talk of the town and are most amazing of all the wearables. You can use these devices to watch movies or play games. It does really take you away from the real world, by confining your vision to a box, with only a screen, which is usually your smartphone inclined oppositely to your retina. To support these devices specific applications are developed such as Google Cardboard.

Smart Clothing:

Smart Clothing

Smart clothing is currently in the developmental stage, however, the core principle behind such clothes is to make clothes look more fashionable and interesting. Such clothes would encompass various sensors for detecting several movements and for monitoring different parts of the body.

Smart Jewelry:

Smart Jewelry

Technology has also entered jewelry segment; there are already some rings and pendants developed, which can be synchronized with phones to receive updates from selective events. When any notification comes up the device buzzes, giving alert for an event. Another similar device has been developed which uses NFC technology to communicate with nearby device on merely tapping it with other device.

Lastly there are implantable devices, which would take technology and startups to a whole new level; such devices would be surgically implanted under the skin for performing varied tasks. It could be a magnet to help grab objects with ease, or artificial heart pumps etc.

In sum, we are in the era of smartphones and wearables. Wearable technology is considered to be one of the biggest innovation, of-course after smartphones. We at Recro, have strong expertise on building apps for wearables technology. If you’re planning to start your venture on wearables and innovations, you might as well as think about having a strong technical team who help you stay in par with all the latest technologies and also accelerate the growth (growth hacking) of your startup.


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