A Self Learnt Android Developer: 5 Years of Sandeep’s Professional Journey

With no prior experience, Sandeep Raj chose the path of self-learning and exploration to become a competent android developer. He persisted and endured the pain of hard work to exceed professionally. He commenced his engineering journey with an electronics background. While attempting to learn to program, Sandeep discovered his interest in coding. His determination to explore kindled his passion for computers. Sandeep started programming on his own.  From JAVA to Kotlin, he started exploring and expanding his domain with each learning. And with the vision to excel, he never turned back. His idea of never settling helped him to step out of his comfort zone.

Pursuit of learning 

The evolution of Android phones caught Sandeep’s attention. His curiosity instigated him to explore, learn, and develop android applications. He continued to learn and apply learnings in his demo applications. Sandeep believes that his constant execution helped him to measure and improve his performance gradually. 

Sandeep initiated his career as an Android Developer. Though it was initially hard for him to match the industry’s pace, he never allowed challenges to let him think otherwise. His pursuit of knowledge grew with his determination to exceed. 

Sandeep always preferred working on diverse languages. His transition from Government projects to private projects helped him adopt agility in his work. His profound knowledge and detailed work helped him grow. Sandeep’s work on Android TV assisted him in scaling up his career. He always upheld his work with a lot of R&D, which consequently helped him to present his work with excellence. 

“Performing R&D initially helped me to work accurately. This assisted me in executing work with more facts and figures.”

Continuous Growth 

With time Sandeep continued to improve his coding skills. He learned how to optimize, reuse, and write quality code. Having to work for diverse yet top clients in the industry, Sandeep decided to work with Recro. His ability to accept challenges enabled him to work on complex projects like Russian IPTV and FBA. 

Sandeep was always inclined towards learning new technologies. Having a supportive environment to work, he continued to explore and work on his abilities. Sandeep’s work with service and product-based organization helped him to understand the effective execution of Android development. With time he persisted to make his work flawless, and yet soon became a senior Android developer. Sandeep’s idea of preserving his nature to exceed is the main reason for the ascent in his professional career. 

“I have always focused to get hands-on experience on different projects. With each learning, I kept strengthening my way to excellence.”

Final Word 

Self- learning always helped me to understand my work accurately. The urge of being competent motivates me to learn from each step. And in times of challenges, I make sure to hold myself up and work towards perfection. My prominent contributions in the information technology and services industry held me to be well versed in the field of android.  Staying updated with the new trends and getting them into practice is the only way of exceeding professionally,” says Sandeep.    

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