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8 Reasons you should work at a tech startup

Working at a tech startup can be some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life. Not only is the environment fast-paced and lean, the networking opportunities and the growth scale that you witness is second to none. You’re also more hands-on when you’re working in a tech startup, which itself could be immensely exciting for the right kind of candidates.

Tech startups come in different shapes and sizes and thus pose a unique set of challenges to everyone working there. Some are pre-money, while others offer a comprehensive startup benefits package. It’s all about finding what clicks for you, whether that’s high tech, AI, machine learning or being a team leader. Working at a tech startup can be the most memorable time of your professional career. As you get to see rapid adoption, scale and tech influence inside many saturated industries.

Here are 8 reasons why you should work at a tech startup –

#1 Fast-paced environment

Startups are some of the most exciting environments to work in, as they offer real value for investment in tech. Whether that’s CRM, AI or neural network mapping, you’re generally doing something worth doing. The technology is typically innovative, and you’re witnessing the cutting-edge of something revolutionary.

Working in a fast-paced environment requires you to refine your gut instinct, which comes in handy when you’re applying your skills in real-time. You’re also thrust into multiple challenges and work with leading minds in the area of your interest. If you’re a coder or a general manager, you’re going to get the same kind of experience working in a tech startup. There’s going to be lots of mistakes, and lots of opportunities to learn from them.

8 reasons why you should work at a tech startup

#2 Experience-based learning

One of the biggest advantages of working in a startup environment is that you get to learn from experience. You can actually apply much of what you pick up from a theoretical level at school. Regardless of which niche you focus on, there’s always something you can learn while delivering and executing on core tech solutions.

Working for tech startup companies can be some of the most rewarding experiences that you have, simply because it pushes you to the next level. You re-discover the inner fire that drives the startup space and you flourish under it.

#3 Comprehensive benefits and perks

Most tech startups offer a comprehensive range of benefits and perks. Since the industry is a fast moving one, it’s growing at a rapid pace. This means that companies in the tech startup space value quality talent and are willing to invest in them.

Candidates receive a comprehensive startup benefits package and are incentivized more in a startup space. They’re working with top-tiered clients and require top-tiered talent to manage major projects. That’s why it’s a good idea to work for a tech startup company.

#4 Innovation and autonomy

At a startup, even though you have strict deadlines and long meetings, you have autonomy over how you find a solution. That autonomy is not present in major large organizations that require layers of processing and approvals before accepting a result.

That’s why people enjoy working at a tech startup, as they can fully innovate on their projects without needing approvals or meeting with tens of other layers stacked on top. They’re also able to innovate much faster as a result.

#5 Potential opportunities

This is arguably the biggest draw of working in a startup environment. Tech startups offer ample opportunities to all employees to excel in their domain and go above and beyond in their field. Whether you’re working in the backend or are a tech UX designer, you can have potential opportunities that go above your experience level.

Clients bring up problem areas during meetings, and anyone can speak freely during that time to share their solution. That’s the winning-spot for many tech startup hopefuls who desire to excel in their industry.

#6 Exciting projects and work

To many people working at a corporate tech job, they look at startup life as something bigger and better. There is some truth to that, as startup employees get to work on exciting projects and better scale of work.

Exciting as it might be, professionals must be aware of the work required to produce at a higher quality level. Since they are working on cutting-edge things, they need to put in the extra hours to make it scale.

#7 Creativity in approach

You can be that much more creative when working at a tech startup, as the projects mount up and there is a unique approach needed. Tech startups are solving problems at scale, but it’s the minor things that need to be creatively addressed as well.

Things like integration, scale, cloud and code management need to be creatively approached for every client that you’re working with. Each format is unique, and each innovation needs to be crafted according to specific needs. Even customer-data analysis will differ for each industry.

#8 Vision, mission and leadership

A great part about working for a tech startup is witnessing greatness first-hand. Tech startups are some of the most visionary and mission-led companies in the world. Learning from top management, understudying with bright leaders, and watching the industry being disrupted are some of the intangibles that are invaluable.

That’s another key driver of the talent pool migrating towards startup life. Whether you’re in the food-tech, fin-tech or consumer software (SaaS) space, you’re going to learn from visionary leaders and work with brands that have a mission.


While working at a tech startup has its own perks and benefits, one must understand the work ethic that they need to bring. Tech startups are some of the most innovative grounds in India, making them the perfect industry to work in and shine through. There is innovation throughout all levels and a sense of camaraderie that’s unmatched in the industry.

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