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5 Questions You Should Ask Every Node JS Candidate in an Interview

Being an ideal tool for almost any kind of web project, Node.JS is an open-source runtime environment.

As per stats, it is the most popular in the world (30 million websites use it), specifically in the US (6.3 million websites use it). Not only this but the runtime environment is also leveraged by some of the prime service providers like PayPal, Amazon, Netflix, etc.

This widespread popularity of Node.JS is backed by some of its ingenious features. Developers love Node.JS as it supports rapid development, follows a single-threaded event loop architecture, and features an excellent Node package manager.

As the framework has a lot to offer, it is also a bit tough to master. Not everyone can do it. Therefore, it can get tricky to hire Node JS developer. If you’re planning to rise above the cut-throat battle of the market, you need to read this article!

We will assist you in uncovering some ways to hire Node.JS experts in a swift way in this piece!

Who is a Node JS Developer?

Well, a Node.JS developer is a professional who takes care of the network applications. One of the prime motives of a Node.JS developer is to ensure smooth data exchange between the backend servers and the users using the app.

As Node.JS is a Javascript runtime environment, developers use it to provide a more immersive experience to the users. To ensure that they can easily do this, they usually

  • Collaborate with the frontend developers to work on the integration of elements.
  • A Node.JS developer has to take overall care of the applications, such as by running diagnostic tests and offering technical support.
  • Monitor and maintain the performance of the central database and its response to frontend requests.

Skills An Mid-level Node JS Developer Should Have

In the process to hire Node JS developers of Mid-level, one needs to analyse a lot of things in a developer. The very first thing is the skillset. Though the entry-level developer may not have ample experience in the field, they should surely check out all the mentioned points!

Database management skills

If data exchange is involved in the job role, it is pretty obvious that it involves databases. To hire node js developer that is fit for the job, do analyse if they have knowledge of databases. Node.JS developers are required to know how to manage multiple databases together.

On top of that, they should also know how to store dynamic data in a database and integrate multiple databases into one. They should know how to make effective database schemes and apply them for better business processes. Lastly, a good Node.JS developer should know about relational databases like MongoDB, SQLite, MariaDB, and MySQL.

The core Node.JS experience

On top of everything else, a good Node.JS developer should have an in-depth knowledge of the runtime environment. One can easily confirm the in-depth knowledge of a developer by probing some basic questions. The basic knowledge about the modules, IDEs, and tools will prove that they are the one for your project. Plus, they should also be an active contributor of bug fixes and patches to the online community.

The analysis of the developer’s contribution will give you a clear idea about their expertise and perfectionism.

On top of all of these critical skills, you should hire node js experts that have a thorough knowledge of API communications and error handling. They should be capable of creating compliant code and have the basic knowledge of Node.JS.

Absolute knowledge of frontend technologies

Though most of the time, Node.JS developers will be working on the backend Node.JS code, they should also have some knowledge about the frontend technologies. Technologies like CSS and HTML are widely used to develop the frontend of websites and web apps.

Node.JS can help in coding the pre-processors that are used for faster rendering and transmission of HTML and CSS files. Moreover, being a coder, developers can help further enhance the frontend of the app. Hence, having knowledge of the frontend technologies like React and Vue is always a plus point.

Mandatory Questions to be Asked

The secret to hiring a Node.JS developer is not in the perfect analysis of their resume. One can only verify someone’s eligibility through a face-to-face conversation. Hence, you need to conduct an interview. On top of that, it is also critical to ask the right node js interview questions.

Here are some of the node interview questions that will help you better identify the candidate!

  1. What are Node.JS & Advantages of NodeJS?

Now, most of the candidates may say that it is a programming language or a framework, but it is not. You need to look for an answer that says,

Node.JS is a Javascript runtime environment that helps in running the code exterior to the browser. It is widely used to create server-side web applications and also features a library that makes it a much more lucrative choice for developers.

Some of the best advantages of Node.JS are:

  • It is super easy to learn if you have enough knowledge of Javascript and OOPS basics.
  • Node.JS offers a faster development cycle by allowing sharing of the same language across the frontend and backend.
  • It allows you to scale easily by offering load balancing and the capability to handle concurrent connections.
  1. How is Node JS different from React JS/Next JS?

Well, there are various aspects that differentiate Node.JS from React.JS and Next.JS. Here are some of the prime ones!

  • React.JS is primarily used for making user interfaces for single-page applications. On the other hand, Node.JS is fit for both the backend and frontend. Next.JS is used on top of Node.JS to offer server-side rendering.
  • Node.JS allows you to use only Javascript. However, React.JS is also cooperative with JSX.
  • Node.JS makes it super easy to write microservices, whereas this kind of feature is not that easy to implement in React.JS.
  • React.JS uses the virtual DOM feature that makes it fast. In contrast, Node.JS does not has any such feature.
  1. How many types of API functions are there in Node.js?

As Node.JS is a runtime environment, it has only two kinds of Application Programming Interface (API) functions, namely

  • Asynchronous functions: These are also known as non-blocking functions. The best thing about this function is that it allows you to work further while the data request to the API is handled. The request will not be blocked whatsoever.
  • Synchronous functions: These blocking functions make the calling system wait until a response is received. The best thing about this is that it is used in systems where latency is negligible.
  1. How does Node.js overcome the problem of blocking I/O operations?

The problem of blocking I/O operations is not uncommon. It is prevalent in PHP and C languages, where the execution of a thread was blocked until an answer was received for that. The key issue here is the time spent in getting the request answered.

Node.JS solves this by introducing the concept of non-blocking I/O. When the request is made, Node.JS puts it in an event loop where these events are converted into call-back calls. When the result for each call is available, the callback is called.

  1. Which database is more popularly used with Node.js?

MongoDB is one of the most popular frameworks that is used with Node.JS.

These are some of the common node js interview questions for freshers. If the freshers give accurate answers, as mentioned above, they are an ideal pick for you.

Bonus Questions

If you are still not satisfied, go for these node js questions!

  1. Ask the candidate if he/she has completed any projects.

This is one of the favourable node js interview questions for 2 years experience. If a candidate has the experience, they must have worked on some of the projects. You can ask them for those projects and look into their performance. Having projects under the belt can help you shortlist faster.

  1. Ask the candidate about his/her aspirations and expectations.

To know the candidate better, it is polite to ask them about their aspirations and expectations. You see, if you know these things about your candidate, it significantly streamlines the absorption process.

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So, here we are; after analysing everything, it should not be difficult for you to hire Node js developer. Moreover, the listed node js interview questions and answers will further assist you well on your part.

If you still have any queries regarding hiring fresh talent, do contact us, and we will help you sort it out.

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