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5 Pieces of technology that can help senior citizens

Generally, when we talk about technology and its use, only the millennials and the youth come to mind. Does it mean that senior citizens don’t use technology or that it does not help them? Well, that’s a big myth. Different pieces of technology have different purposes for different demographic groups. Surprisingly, some technological advances actually benefit the senior citizens more. Best technology for seniors generally includes those that can assist them in their day- to- day routine and make their life a little more convenient.

Undoubtedly, the purpose of use of different technologies is different among different age groups. But people seldom realize that the same piece of technology can serve different interests for different generations. Assistive technology for seniors is considered to be an important development from the technological revolution. Technology for senior citizens is especially beneficial when they have to live alone. While technology is making the lives of older adults easier in multiple ways, there are certain pieces of technology that stand out from amongst the long list.

5 Pieces of technology that can help senior citizens

On-demand services

On-demand services including transportation, food delivery, grocery shopping etc are increasingly making the senior citizens self-reliant. Apps which are on demand are generally easy to learn, especially when they have to be used for specific purposes. For instance, learning to book an uber has been on the top list of all older adults and most of them accomplish it too. Once they get the hang of such on-demand services, they are no longer dependent on the local service providers that may act pricy in time of need. Such a piece of technology can go a long way toward helping senior citizens access services seamlessly.

The most popular on-demand service is healthcare wherein senior citizens can get medicines with one click. Similarly, their children can have them delivered to their door step. To keep it short, on-demand services today are making citizens independent and building capacity for them to sustain themselves. Additionally, these services have become a boon for children to help their senior citizen patients if they don’t live together. Either way, on-demand services, add to one of the best technology for senior citizens, providing them with sustainable solutions.

Virtually connect with the world

Pick up any person in their 60s and ask them what they desire the most? The most common answer would be talking to their distant friends and family, especially if they live alone. Connecting with one’s loved ones is a basic human need, which accentuates when one retires and has a lot of time in hand. Well, technology has cropped up a solution for senior citizens to connect with their loved ones. Different communication channels like WhatsApp, skype, facetime, etc are being increasingly used by senior citizens to interact and connect. Thus, such communication platforms are helping senior citizens in maintaining relationships and ensuring human contact.

Additionally, senior citizens are increasingly becoming social media savvy and rekindling their childhood friendships. Facebook, for instance, has become the hub of older adults. They use it as a means to find their old friends who they lost contact with over time. While for most of the youth, social media sites are just a part of their day and don’t hold any significance, senior citizens have a different approach. They see social media as a magical technological creation which helps them revive and strengthen old relations. Therefore, technology for senior citizens is helping them connect to their immediate and extended world.

Healthcare solutions and wearables

When people reach a certain age, the most important concern is their health. It is at this juncture that technology plays an important role. Especially for senior citizens, technology has come up with useful preventive health care measures. Mostly in the form of wearables and handy devices, these healthcare solutions help senior citizens in maintaining a healthy state of being. Wearable technologies generally include devices that can be worn on the body, mostly hands and measure the major bodily measurements. For instance, different devices assist older adults in monitoring their heart rate, blood pressure, etc.

Additionally, devices created specifically for senior citizens come with alert services which often notify the relatives of the wearer in case of an anomaly in the measurement. Such technology for senior citizens acts as a preventive net to ensure that everything is in order. Healthcare solutions can undoubtedly be considered one of the best technology for senior citizens and their families. Healthcare solutions also come in the form of smart pill bottles and medicine cabinets that notify senior citizens to stock up medicines in case of low stock. Therefore, technology for senior citizen has become an advantage that helps them live a healthy life.

Assistive technology for senior citizens

While health constitutes an important part of a senior citizen’s concern, the day to day well being is equally important. Technological creations are increasingly making life safer for old people. Primarily through assistive technology for senior citizens, they can proof their homes in such a way that will prevent any mishap. For instance, senior citizens can install sensor powered lights in their hallway or on the way to the washroom. Such lights switch on automatically when they sense movement. This will invariably prevent the incidence of falls and accidents. At the same time, they can install CCTV cameras to monitor the entry and exit of people on their premises.

Similarly, smoke detectors and fire alarms can be installed to prevent any mishap due to memory lapse in old age. People may forget after they put something to cook. Smoke detectors and fire alarms can prevent the incidence of a full-scale fire calamity. In a nutshell, this illustrates that assistive technology for senior citizens has been instrumental in ensuring the daily safety and well- being of senior citizens by empowering them to watch their movements and take control of their actions. Thus, yet again this simple piece of technology has gone a long way into helping senior citizens take charge of their life.

Location and safety tracking devices

Finally, when one enters the later years of one’s life, memory lapses become commonplace. This can be extremely dangerous when senior citizens are outdoors. Fortunately, technology for senior citizens hasn’t left any stone unturned. Digital solutions for tracking senior citizens through apps or wearables are the talk of the town. Today, the market has a significant number of devices that track the location of senior citizens any transmit it to their loved ones or caregivers. Additionally, such devices notify them about unusual inactivity or the like. Therefore, technology for senior citizens now also acts as a safety guard. It allows the loved ones to virtually keep an eye on them and know about their whereabouts.

It is beyond clear that the tech-savvy are not the only users of technology. On the contrary, its use for and by senior citizens is far more important and valuable. At Recro, we believe that senior citizens are as much audience for technological innovations as any other generation. If you have an idea for a tech solution to make the lives of senior citizens easier, get in touch with us today and let’s exchange mutual synergies.


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