5 Benefits of Hiring Remote Software Developers!

With the advent of technologies, affordable resources, and increasing demand for software, the number of IT companies have witnessed a significant surge. As per the TSIS report, the US IT sector is expected to see a growth of 13% from 2020 to 2030. One of the chief factors that are driving this rise is the liberty to work remotely.

The same report also suggests that 42% of IT workers work full-time remotely. Only 27% of employees are working from the office. The thing to understand from this is that remote work has been highly preferred by employees since the 2020 pandemic. Moreover, companies also understand that with the right work management tools in place, it is better to let employees work remotely.

There are very few companies that are considering making employees work from the office. Why? Well, there are numerous benefits to working remotely for both employees and businesses.

Here in this extensive article, we will highlight some benefits if you hire remote software developers for your business! So, let’s begin!

Why Hiring Remote Software Developers the Best Decision in 2022?

If you’re a business owner perplexed about choosing between hiring remote developers or in-house developers, we have something for you. There are pros to both of these choices. However, here we will highlight some of the chief benefits of hiring remote developers.


Reduces cost to the company

Just like you might have guessed, the cost. If you hire remote software developers, the very first benefit that you get is reduced cost. You see, there are various types of cost factors linked to a business.

Some of them are office space rent, utilities, amenities cost, cost of devices, daily supplies, transportation charges (in the case of some businesses), internet bills, and many more. These bills can be significantly reduced if you hire remote software developers. As they will be using their resources to work, it will, in turn, boost your company’s revenue.

As per the research firm Global Workplace Analytics, an employer can save $11,000 a year for one employee if they work remotely for 2-3 days a week. So, why not hire remote software developers?

Increases chances of employee retention

Though Elon Musk is becoming super strict about the work-from-home policy, hiring remote workers will help you retain them. How?

Well, first off, the concept of remote work is of no harm as long as you are getting things done. Moreover, with the proper work management tools in place, you can manage remote workers efficiently. When your employees are getting things done on time while sitting in the comfort of their homes and it is benefitting you, it is a win-win scenario. So, why not go and hire remote software developers?

As per a 2021 survey of 1000 adults, it was found that 39% would quit their job if employers aren’t flexible about remote work. Moreover, some businesses think that giving salary hikes can be a way to retain employees. Not always; allowing remote work or hiring remote employees can be another one. As per a survey, employees who worked remotely stayed with their company for an average of 6 months more than those who weren’t remote workers.

You get access to a more diverse and talented pool of developers

When you are building an in-house team, you are just limited to the talent in your city or some adjoining areas. And if that area is not a metropolitan area, it is highly likely that you may not find the ideal candidate. Even if you do, the odds of them relocating can be against you. This is why one should hire remote software developers.

When you go for hiring remote software developers, you will get to see a lot of diversity. As you are not limited to a fixed area, you can get a pool of talent from across the world. With remote hiring, you may also be able to hire developers with better skills at a relatively less salary.

As per LinkedIn, a company can incur 60% lower salary costs with better developers by going remote. Developers in countries like the US and Israel are paid $70,000 a year as compared to those in Italy and Russia. While the skill set of developers in Italy and Russia is way more than those in the US and Israel.

Improves your team’s productivity

Productivity is measured as the use of time in the most efficient way. Now, if we account for the time required by the people to dress up, get a cab and reach the office, it can be roughly equal to 1 hour (minimum). If one saves one to two hours a day and spends it on their work, it is surefire that their productivity will be more.


This is what remote work provides. When a developer works remotely, they save a lot of time and hassle that can be caused by daily commutes. Hence, boosting their productivity in the short and long term.

Here are some mind-blowing stats!

  • As per a Stanford study of 16,000 workers, the productivity of work-from-home people went up by 13%. The same study hinted that the attrition rates were down by 50%.
  • In April 2022, people who worked remotely for some of their time witnessed a productivity boost of 9%. The increase was 5% more than in 2020.


Let’s say you got a software project to deliver on an urgent basis. In a scenario like this, it will be tough for you to hire new people in the in-house team, that too at a higher cost (if you are in the US).

In contrast, you can easily hire remote software developers with better skills and at a lower price. If, in case, your requirement for the number of developers is less, that can also be achieved by hiring fewer developers. Hence, making your team easily scalable with the right resources at hand.

Your team can function 24/7

Well, let’s head to the final benefit of hiring remote developers. Tools are never offline, so why should your team be? With a remote developers team by the side of your in-house team, it will be super easy and fast for you to handle the development process. Think about it; your workflow will never be offline. Your team can function 24×7.

One of the adjoining benefits of a 24×7 functional team is that your product can hit the market faster. This can be super beneficial for you to give an edge over your competitors. Moreover, if your team is in an entirely opposite time zone, it will be easier for you to handle customer issues and requests, if any.

Find the Top 1.36% Remote Software Developers for your Brand!

Now, we all know the benefits if you hire remote software developers, right? The next crucial thing that might hit your mind is where to find these developers or how to find the ideal remote software engineer.

Though there are plenty of portals online where you can go and find developers of every expertise, all of them may not guarantee you the ideal developer. The source that can guarantee you top-notch developers for your upcoming project is Recro!

Recro is a firm that has eight years of professional experience under its belt in providing experienced and skilled developers to businesses. Here are some key aspects of Recro that make them the best!

  1. Get access to the best 1-2% of top developers: At Recro, the four vetting rounds are super competitive and rigorous that are conducted by developers themselves. Thus, ensuring the ideal candidate for your highly anticipated projects.
  2. Cost-efficient: When you choose Recro, you don’t have to work on the brushing up of skills of the developers. You just hire them and get optimum productivity from day 1.
  3. Faster process: Hiring the best remote developers usually means more time. Not at Recro promises to find you the required remote developer four times faster than other service providers. You will probably end up with a developer within 15 days.
  4. Scalability: Planning to scale your business? Say no more; Recro can help you with it. Recro closely analyzes the market dynamics and customer demands in an unbiased way to map a path for you to easily scale your business. The process can help you scale up or down while saving over 1000 hours. Recro offers a minimum commitment of 3 months and a notice period of one month.
  5. Clientele: If you are up for proof, we have it here for you. We have served a lot of brands with their workforce needs, such as Swiggy, Cure.Fit, Flipkart, DD Ninjavan, Property Guru, and many others.


In a time of rapidly changing technology and competition, it can be tough for you to shortlist and hire remote software developers. However, with Recro, it will be a walk in the park for you. As you already know about our process, you won’t face any issues with recruitment.

If you have further doubts or queries about our process, you are free to contact us and get all the queries in line.

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