Automotive Mobility Solutions

What is Automotive Mobility Solution?

The Technology Revolution, stretching its wings to reach the zenith, has left no industry untouched. Mobile apps, among other technological advances, are increasingly arming the automotive industry with a plethora of solutions to increase the efficiency of the automotive industry along different verticals.

Automotive Mobility solutions are no longer limited to mobile apps providing general information about different vehicles, but cover a range of logistic apps aimed at reducing costs and increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction for the transportation industry.

Additionally, a number of car tracking apps have also surfaced the m- commerce arena, facilitating GPS tracking with much ease.


Mobility Solutions in Automobile Business


From time immemorial the automotive industry has been applying new inventions aimed at greater efficiency and performance. Recently, the automotive giants felt the need to incorporate more technology advances, majorly in the form of mobile applications to facilitate greater competence and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • For instance, there was a sustained need to have access to vehicle tracking, automatic braking, automated voice navigation and directions, etc among others.
  • For the Automotive engineers, automotive mobility solutions were aimed at developing easy to use mobile apps which could undertake GPS tracking, granting virtual access to different shipments, providing automatic solutions for braking, blind spot detection, etc.
  • Apps are also being developed that seek to provide users with regular service and maintenance records of ECG to ensure timely workshop visits and proper fuel ratio.

what are Mobile App Startups in the Automotive Industry?


LogiNext draws on ‘Big Data’ to generate insights and aid the e-tailers in predicting any possible delays and subsequently ensure better customer service.They received their first funding of half a million dollars in April 2015, followed by a second round of $10 million in September 2015.


BlackBuck  intends to simplify and increase the efficiency of bulk transportation of goods through its wide base of trucks. Following 3 rounds of funding, they have managed to raise a total of $100 million dollars.


Rivigo has been credited for its innovation of ‘Driver’s Relay’ that significantly reduces the time to market and inventory in transit for merchants, shrinking the delivery time to about 2 days from the convention 8 days. The company has managed to raise over $100 million dollars from funding.








Technologies Recro use for Automotive Mobility Solutions
  • Beginning with applications that provide you with a comparison of vehicle features and price comparisons among different sellers, there are apps that help you hire professionals to survey the vehicle upon delivery.
  • Once you have the vehicle in hand, you can equip it with mobility solutions that enable GPS tracking, signal you about service due dates, provide voice- navigation, update you about road conditions and traffic restrictions.
  • Recently, Audi has been equipped with a Start/ Stop app which automatically turn off the engine at traffic lights to foster better fuel efficiency.


Hybrid navigation

This enables the user to be more accurate, by simultaneous use of more than one navigation system.

Fuel & service efficiency

These apps help us to deliver the report of the fuel consumption and indicate service visits.

Driver safety assistance

The app enhances driver safety by providing the real time maps and also assists in destination search.

Weather, traffic insights

Automotive app is capable of delivering full information regarding the weather conditions, traffic conditions and diversions.

Vehicle damage monitoring

It deals with vehicle risk analysis and helps us in tracking and monitoring the damage.

Cost minimization

This enables the user to optimize the cost of the drive and it saves money, time and fuel.

Features of Automotive Industry Mobile Apps

Different Types of AUTOMOTIVE MOBILITY Applications

Car insurance

This app provides an easy approach to the user and guide to buy vehicle insurance policy as per the vehicle risk appetite. Also reminds on the renewal and any other insurance requirement.

Mapping/Parking apps

These types of apps provide the parking stations list to the user. Which help the person to save their time in finding the parking space and help to park there vehicle at safe place.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking has become popular these days because of it’s GPS tracking feature. With the help of this app owners can track there business vehicle activities and other user can track there loved once when they are traveling.

Automotive Marketplaces

These apps develop e-marketplaces for automobile business. And enables the seller with buyer from anywhere in the world. It saves a lot of time and money in finding the correct buyer or seller.


We at Recro strive to provide the best automotive mobility solutions by giving our clients a platform to share their ideas and engage in the creation of a robust mobile app by deploying cutting edge technology to enhance productivity. It is our endeavor to deliver the result oriented mobility solutions for all major platforms through a combination of Design Thinking, Lean and Agile to achieve market leading performance. We also assist our clients in reaching vast audiences and ensusre sustainable post delivery customer satisfaction.