Recro is top Android app development company in Bangalore and USA. We build Android apps using all current technology, languages, framework, and tools. Our android app developers are technically sound, expert in cross-platform solutions, critical thinkers, with adaptable nature, and proficient in developing android applications. These are our unique feature which makes us stand out from rest android application development companies and make us Best Mobile app development company.


Worldwide 70% people’s phone run on Android platform. It shows how android application development has become essential to all sorts of businesses in this era. Custom android app development is showing remarkable growth for business. Let us help you turn your idea into a game-changing android mobile app.

Platform for all

Android is a platform for all of us. People all over the world use it to build the application. Android can be customized and tailored to build apps that meet the structure that is specific to any business.

Open Source

Android is open source and Google Play is the market where all marketers across the globe share and sell their apps. With Android apps we have the freedom to choose whether we want to distribute the app widely to all markets or to  choose target devices.

development Framework

Android framework is a very powerful framework which allows application developers to build apps and deploy the same across millions of other users. Using Android, we can take full advantage of capabilities.

Powerful IDEs

Android has  powerful Integrated Developer Environments I.e IDEs that are packed with auto completion, debugging and packaging features.

Android Apps Development Services by Recro

Native Android Apps

With the invention of Android, our team at Recro build native mobile apps that are Scalable, Robust, and Extensible. Native Android apps are specific to Android platforms by using the development tools and language which support the Android platform. Due to adequate access to device’s hardware & android-specific features native apps look and perform the best.

Android UI/UX Design & Development

Our app development process starts from ideation, consulting, design, development, growth hacking, and support. Starting from your idea UI/UX design to android application development our android app development company in Bangalore and USA will help you to deploy your app on Google play services and optimise accordingly.

Cross platform/ Hybrid iPhone Apps

Hybrid mobile apps are developed with web technologies like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. These cross-platform apps run on Android and iOS, also the same code is used for desktop and web applications.

Android App Development Market

  • Android is operating system owned by Google. Android OS has huge market share all over the world. And gaining Tremendous popularity between the technology lovers.
  • This has a positive impact on Google Play app store which was first introduced as an Android Market. Now it is the biggest app store all over the world and has nearly 3 million apps available for download.
  • After the success of mobile OS system now android has its presence in Tablet, wearable and virtual reality devices.
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Android Application Development Latest Trends

This is the era of mobile app development technologies, you cannot rely on outdated software and tools. Android is limitless, and the trends keep changing every year. Developers amaze all the users around the globe by developing something unique and rare. Click here to know more about Latest Android Update.


Our industry expert understands your business need and develops an app with the best quality.

Android Application Development Tools and Frameworks


Our work leads to business growth. We build Innovative apps. Start to build your app with Recro.