Looking to develop an Uber for “X” app?

With the booming of On Demand Services like this Uber for X, a lot of companies are engaging themselves in developing this kind of applications. Recro, on the other hand, engages in providing new dimensions to the industry instead of following others.

Uber for X can be best described as a platform for delivering products or services On-demand with demand being aggregated online and serviced offline.When we are talking about Uber for X startups, they are actually dealing with multiple customer segments with buyers and suppliers being the 2 focus segments. And, so for these Uber startups, the problem that we are trying to solve should echo with both of the groups.

Recro partners to help you in building the application and delivering both the web and mobile application on the first go. But Uber for X is more than an application which needs offline support and operations to be perfect in place.

Recro Strives and thrives in giving the best service using latest technologies in the Software industry to fulfill the clients’ endeavor.