How to make “Uber for X” app?

Well, over last few years Uber’s has motivated a number of founders to form similar startups. And not just in the area of Taxi scheduling/management but multiple other domains where platforms managing micro- or occasional service jobs would build mobile apps to communicate with its users.

Today we have Uber for food, Uber for alcohol, Uber for hotels, Uber for cash delivery, Uber for home cleaning, Uber for lawn mowing,Uber for language tutorial, Uber for medical support, Uber for doctors, Uber for gay “dates”, Uber for heterosexual “dates” , Uber for shipping, Uber for iPhone repair, Uber for truck drivers, Uber for group fitness, Uber for mechanics,Uber for home services professionals,  and  what not.

So,when you’re building an Uber for X, generally 70% of the requirements are similar and 30% are unique to your market.

Recro specializes in Uber for X apps so we can give our clients the best of both.