7  proven ways to breakthrough on AppStore


Following are the points we have learned that makes your app featured in the App store:-

  1. What kind of Mobile Apps gets featured in the App store?

Firstly the question that is of great importance is what kind of apps are featured in the App store. The Answer is simple, those apps which seem to be beneficial to Apple and obviously to their users according to the Apple gets featured in the Store.


  1. Design of your App:-

The design of your app should be just like apple. The UI/UX is one of the most important things that impresses the user as well as the company, it should be made smooth as much you can. If you can’t do it on your own, hire a designer to do that just to be ahead of thousands.


  1. High Quality of your application is must:-

The companies all over the world want the best and so does Apple because it’s the best. So, don’t put in the low quality material into your application and make sure you get rid of your buggy bugs. Nobody likes their work disturbed.


  1. Keep getting it updated on a regular note:-

Always remember, people love changes especially the young guns so make sure that you keep your app updated on a regular note. Get ahead of the line, be different, be varying and always bring some sweet change in your app to keep your app interesting and appreciating. And make sure that your app contains Apple’s latest features just because if someone wants to advertise their content they will surely place you up above many. So that’s another way of getting your app featured.


  1. Make it Universal:-

Universal quality is really important, a company like Apple will love to feature an app which is compatible everywhere i.e. it should be available on Mac, Iphone, and Ipad. So make sure you design your app like that, the more people come across your app, the more it benefits you.


  1. A touchè of Apple:-

If apple thinks about your app that your app is going to be beneficial for them and people too and you might be of great use to them, they will contact you and they do. If they do, don’t get carried away, instead keep on improving and maintain the quality of the app.  Find more about the new iOS 10 features?



  1. Be the Change:-

Remember the world is getting more and more competitive and as you know more than 1000s of apps are getting released every day and Apple is trying to find alternatives i.e. instead of using other company’s apps and games they want their apps to rule the store, and this might give you a close relationship to share with Apple. So, if you are having an application don’t make it simple and common, there are thousands like you, invest a little and keep on working to make it beautiful, soft, smooth, interesting and perfect. That’s how you rule everywhere and that’s how you get featured in the App store.

We at Recro while making apps implement all the above points so that the client always has a advantage and a fair chance to get featured.

Although always remember “Even for the best, there is a possibility of getting better”.

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